First line
11. Kimmo Koskenkorva
71. Ivan Huml
22. Miikka Salomäki
26. Mikko Lehtonen
3. Ville Mäntymaa

Second line
30. Joonas Komulainen
12. Pekka Saarenheimo
27. Juha-Pekka Haataja
6. Ilkka Mikkola
15. Oscar Eklund

Third line
29. Joonas Donskoi
24. Jari Viuhkola
13. Julius Junttila
5. Atte Ohtamaa
20. Jan Snopek

Fourth line
49. Ville-Matti Koponen
23. Joonas Kemppainen
21. Tomi Körkkö
28. Mikko Niemelä
4. Ville Pokka

35. Ville Hostikka
(33. Tomi Karhunen)

Oulun Kärpät - Bili Tygri Liberec
4 - 1

Period 3
20:00 The game was all around good and clean hockey. Kärpät was lightly better through out the game, like the result of the game shows. The attendance was thanking for the good play by clapping their hands. The shots on goal went again for Liberec 7 - 10.

20:00 The third period and the game is over.

19:59 At the last second of the game Kärpät 23 Joonas Kemppainen hit the puck into the net, but it wasn't a score, because it was made by a high stick.

18:54 Kärpät at full strength.

18:00 Two minutes left of the third period. And the audience is still clapping.

17:22 Liberec is controlling the play without any problems. Kärpät defensers are a bit busy.

16:54 Kärpät 20 Jan Snopek 2 minutes for holding the opponent's stick.

16:54 During the time-out the attendance wakes up. There are 1027 pair of hands clapping.

16:54 Time-out for Liberec. Liberec goalie Tomas Vosurda (33) leaves his goal.

15:42 Liberec is fighting hard. They want to score. Darrell Hay (4), Daniel Spacek (19) and David Stich (77) are bombing Ville Hostikka at his goal.

15:07 Kärpät 11 Kimmo Koskenkorva shoots hard and sharp from the p-point.

14:42 Icing, Kärpät.

14:28 Kärpät 27 Juha-Pekka Haataja on a breakway. He got a nice scoring range, but Vosurda is certain at his goal.

13:16 Kärpät 30 Joonas Komulainen in wonderful scoring point, but the goalie of Liberec is saving it.

12:06 Kärpät goes on to 4 - 1. The goal was made by 12 Pekka Saarenheimo and assisted by 4 Ville Pokka and 30 Joonas Komulainen.

11:20 Liberec 9 Jiri Moravec tryes to fool Kärpät goalie Ville Hostikka, but didn't succeed.

10:47 And now Kärpät 29 Joonas Donskoi did the same. But Liberec knows how to defense.

09:42 Kärpät 23 Joonas Komulainen goes nicely right through the Liberec defenses, but lost his scoring possibility.

07:58 Both players who seemed to hurt themselves a bit are back on ice.

07:57 Liberec is playing strongly. After killing the penalty, they Kärpät have had some minor problems.

07:40 Kärpät at full strength.

06:37 Every now and then Kärpät succeeds in countering the play. Liberec has minor difficulties in creating theur own figures.

06:12 Liberec starts its power play with force. The forst shot on Ville Hostikka came from close range.

05:40 Kärpät 49 Ville-Matti Koponen 2 minutes for tripping.

05:13 Face off was taken by Kärpät 23 Joonas Kemppainen.

04:27 What a shot from p-point. Kärpät 24 Jari Viuhkola is hungry after a long time without playing.

03:17 Liberec reduses to 3 - 1. The goal was scored by 24 Tomas Klimenta and assisted by 16 Jan Visek and 55 Tomas Urban.

01:21 The third goal of Kärpät came after a good power play an co-operation.

01:21 Kärpät scores to 3-0. The goal was made by 6 Ilkka Mikkola and assisted by 27 Juha-Pekka Haataja and 15 Oscar Eklund.

00:09 Kärpät starts the third period on power play, and the first shot on goal takes only 9 seconds.
Period 2
20:00 Liberec 8 Michal Barta 2 minutes for hooking.

20:00 The second period is over. Kärpät was attacking actively from the beginning, and after the first goal also Liberec pulled up its activity. Liberec took more penalties than Kärpät, but still they had a lot of dangerous counters towards Kärppä goal. The shots on goal went again for Liberec 7 - 11.

19:57 Liberec at full strength.

19:29 Kärpät at full strength.

19:28 Again a nice chance for Liberec. Petr Kica (60) and Daniel Spacek (19) created the second possibility for scoring, but Ville Hostikka is a man at his goal.

19:00 One minute left of the second period.

18:53 Kärpät 5 Atte Ohtamaa hurt his knee, but is still there ready to go on.

17:57 Liberec 4 Darrel Hay 2 minutes penalty for interference.

17:29 Kärpät 13 Julius Junttila 2 minutes penalty for delaying the game, the puck outside the rink.

16:18 The best possibility for Liberec to reduse, Martin Cakavik hits the pole!

15:35 Kärpät 3 Ville Mäntymaa presented the strongest tackle so far after taking contact with Liberec 19 Daniel Spacek.

14:44 Kärpät 29 Joonas Donskoi and 13 Julius Junttila can work together. They made again one of the most dangerous situations close by Liberec goal.

14:10 Liberec 27 Jaroslav Kudrna shot hard. Hostikka had to work a lot to be able to save his net.

13:03 Second goal for Kärpät.

The beautiful goal was scored by 18 year old player form Raahe, 22 Miikka Salomäki and assisted by older legends 24 Jari Viuhkola and 2 Ville Mäntymaa.

12:25 Kärpät at full strength.

11:22 Power play for Liberec. So far there has been only one shot against Hostikka. The shooter was the most active player of Liberec 93 Petr Nedved.

10:25 And again the puck goes out of the rink dealying the game. But now it caused a 2 minutes penalty for Kärpät 4 Ville Pokka.

09:39 The puck over the board.

08:29 After the opening goal the play has gone from one end to the other. In the beginning of the period Kärpät continued their strong play they started in the first period. But after the goal Liberec woke up and started to risen their energy.

05:29 The opening score! Made by Kärpät 3 Ville Mäntymaa and assisted by 24 Jari Viuhkola and 29 Joonas Donskoi - a young tallented player from here Raahe.

05:21 Liberec 77 David Stich got 2 minutes penalty for holding.

04:51 Icing, Kärpät.

04:51 Icing. Liberec caused by 19 Daniel Spacek.

03:47 The first real tackle in this game. Kärpät 21 Tomi Körkkö took on the board Liberec 27 Jaroslav Kudrna.

03:09 Kärpät 24 Jari "Piku" Viuhkola shows his skills and force. The shot was wonderful, but so was the Liberec goalie, too.

02:19 Liberec at full strength.

01:36 Liberec 6 Jan Vytisk saved their goal by throwing himself in front of the puck.

01:35 Kärpät have minor difficulties in starting their power play. Liberec is good in defensing.

01:09 Off side, caused by Kärpät 6 Ilkka Mikkola.

00:19 Liberec 27 Jaroslav Kudrna tripped Kärpät goalie Ville Hostikka and got a 2 minutes penalty for interference.

00:02 The first face off was taken by Liberec 93 Petr Nedved. Again.

00:00 The second period is reasy to beginning. The starting lines are there on the ice.
Period 1
20:00 And now tallents of the future are there on the ice.

There are three small hockey players, Jamil Kote, Joonas Ruha and Juuso Siermala, and one goalie, Lucas Ekoluoma, who is just and just as tall as the goal. All the three forwards shot nicely, but the goali took them all. The goalie is good.

20:00 Even if Kärpät was lightly controlling the game, the shots on goal went to Liberec 9 - 14.

20:00 The first period is over. The beginning was quite lazy, but the speed increased at the halfway. Both teams had some nice scoring possibilities, and The puck actually was twice in the goal of Liberec, but they were not accepted. Kärpät was lightly controlling the game, but Liberec is good in defensing.

19:57 But after loosing his own scoring possibility Salomäki passed the puck to another young Kärppä player, 21 Tomi Körkkö, who puts it behind Vosurda's back. But no goal ... The goal had moved from its place just shortly before that.

19:52 Hey, it is young Kärppä 22 Miikka Salomäki shows his home town how to play hockey. He almost stoled himself on a breakaway, but didn't get scoring possibility.

19:10 Liberec 27 Jaroslav Kudrna hurted himself somehow. Hope he is ok.

19:08 Liberec at full strength.

19:00 One minute left of the first period.

17:43 Liberec 4 Darrell Hay shoots with force from the p-point.
The result: no goal, but a broken stick.

17:08 Face off was taken by Liberec 93 Petr Nedved. He is really good at that. Has taken them all1

17:08 Liberec 30 Michal Pavlu 2 minutes for slashing.

14:45 After playing 2 minutes short handed Kärpät turn the game. The young guys want to score. But so do the more experience ones, Juha-Pekka Haataja (27) shoots hard from the p-point.

14:45 Kärpät at full strength.

14:04 Liberec power play is going on, but only now came the first good shot on goal.

12:45 Kärpät 28 Mikko Niemelä got 2 minutes penalty for holding. He hold too hard and long time Liberec 16 Jan Visek.

11:00 Liberec is attacking hard. Number 2 Martin Cakavik shot from the blue line and right after that 93 Petr Nedved from close range.

10:00 Half of the first period is done. Kärpät is lightly controlling the play, but Liberec is defensing really actively. Kärpät can't take the puck to their offensive area.

09:23 Kärpät 22 Miikka Salomäki from the city of Raahe and 5 Atte Ohtamaa made the puck to go into the net. But it was not accepted, it was done with a high stick.

08:43 Liberec at full strength.

07:50 Kärpät has really good power play. They were building shooting space for 26 Mikko Lehtonen, but still .. no goals yet.

06:43 Liberec 60 Petr Kica got 2 minutes penalty for boarding.

05:30 Liberec is controlling the puck and the game in the middle of the rink.

03:58 An a skillful counter for czechs, 27 Jaroslav Kudrna took the puck and caused the first dangerous situation in front of Hostikka's goal.

03:41 The Raahe boy 29 Joonas Donskoi starts nicely. He fooled a whole bunch of white players.

02:36 Kärpät 3 Ville Mäntymaa and 26 Mikko Lehtonen got the first good scoring chance, but not yet.

02:11 Face off taken by Liberec 93 Petr Nedved.

02:05 The beginning of the has been quite easy. Not any dangerous situations.

01:00 Icing, Liberec. Face-off was taken by Kärpät 24 Jari Viuhkola.

00:03 Kärpät had a good counter right after the starting puck, and the first shot on goal was shot by Kärpät 71 Ivan Huml.

00:03 The first face of was taken by Liberec 93 Petr Nedved.

00:00 The starting lines are there looking at each others.

00:00 The referees and players enter again. Now we are ready to go in couple of minutes.

00:00 The areena in Raahe is full. There are around 1500 seats in the hall, and on every seat there is somebody. The zampone is making its figures on the ice, and the people are waiting.

00:00 Still we need to be patient. The game will start not until 17.25.

00:00 The warm up time is almost over. The players start to leave the ice. The game is going to start at least 15 minutes late.

00:00 There might be a minor delay ... due to late arrival of the visiting team.

00:00 All the players arrive in the rink. Both teams are skating, making tricks with their sticks to and set them up for the game.

00:00 And hey! Also the czechs just arrived ... so there is going to be a game here tonight.

00:00 The referees tonight are Vesa Keränen and Tuomo Sorakangas and the linesmen are Timo Malinen and Teemu Sorakangas. The referees just left the ice.

00:00 Here are the line ups for Oulun Kärpät.
Kärppä players are streching and concentrating on the game behind the hall, but where are the czechs? Their bus has not yet arrived, but there is still 45 minutes to go.

00:00 Welcome to Raahe! There are a lot of people arrriving to the areena to follow the last European Trophy game Oulun Kärpät is playing close by its home town.

First line
12. Antonin Dusek
93. Petr Nedved
27. Jaroslav Kudrna
6. Jan Vytisk
2. Martin Cakajik

Second line
19. Daniel Spacek
92. Jaroslav Vlach
91. Dalibor Bortnak
77. David Stich
4. Darrell Hay

Third line
60. Petr Kica
55. Tomas Urban
16. Jan Visek
17. Lukas Derner
13. Marek Troncinsky

Fourth line
9. Jiri Moravec
8. Michal Barta
24. Tomas Klimenta
34. Jan Holub
30. Michal Pavlu

33. Tomas Vosvrda
(97. Marek Pinc)
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