First line
37. Mika Pyörälä
41. Mathis Olimb
10. Fredrik Pettersson
2. Pierre Johnsson
33. Patrick von Gunten

Second line
84. Dragan Umicevic
11. Per-Johan Axelsson
16. Anton Axelsson
8. Fredrik Eriksson
46. Christoffer Persson

Third line
9. Magnus Kahnberg
12. Johan Sundström
18. Sebastian Collberg
7. Henrik Tömmernes
5. Christian Bäckman

Fourth line
22. Toni Koivisto
21. Mikael Johansson
31. Nicklas Lasu
28. Patrik Näslund
4. Viktor Svedberg

45. Magnus Hellberg
(35. Linus Fernström)

Frölunda Indians - Adler Mannheim
5 - 1

Period 3
20:00 Game ended. Shots in the thrid period Frölunda 10, Mannheim 7, totals Frölunda 29, Mannheim 23.

1 star Frölunda #33 Patrik von Gunten
2 stars Frölunda #12 Johan Sundström
3 stars Frölunda #41 Mathis Olimb.

Thank you for following the game live on

Greetings from Gothenburg!

18:59 Mannheim #77 Goc 2 min penalty for slashing.

18:00 2 min remaining of the game.

17:23 Frölunda goal scored by #33 von Gunten, assisted by #41 Olimb, and #2 Johnsson.

15:52 Mannheim #19 Magowan 2 min penalty for boarding.

14:11 Frölunda playing at full strenght.

12:11 Frölunda #7 Tömmernes 2 min penalty for roughing.

11:24 Mannheim #16 Glumac 10 min penalty for misconduct.

11:24 Mannheim goal scored by #16 Glumac, assisted by #14 Wagner. Wagner sends the puck infront of the net and Glumac gets the puck past Hellberg, then sent to the box after some words to Hellberg.

09:29 Frölunda #46 Persson 2 min penalty for interference.

08:59 Goal Frölunda scored by #33 von Gunten, assisted by #41 Olimb. Gunten dekes a defending Mannheim player and gets a wrist shot past Brückmann.

08:02 Frölunda with good passing play but unable to get any shots off.

07:19 Mannheim #77 Goc 2 min penalty for slashing.

05:36 Play stopped, Frölunda #46 Persson got the wind knocked out of him.

05:15 Mannheim now playing at full strenght, again having played good defence on the box play.

03:15 Mannheim #8 Lehoux 2 min penalty for roughing, Frölunda #31 Lasu 2 min penalty for roughing, and Mannheim #4 Lee 2 min penalty for cross-checking.

02:08 Mannheim defend well and Frölunda are unable to get any shots to the net, mostly retreaving the puck in their own zone. Mannheim now playing at full strenght.

00:08 Mannheim #16 Glumac 2 min penlaty for roughing.

00:00 Puck dropped for period 3
Period 2
20:00 End of period 2, shots on goal Frölunda: 7 and Adler Mannheim: 11

Mannheim played better in the second period and created some good scoring chances, but were unable to capitalize. Sebastian Collberg scored his first goal with the senior team, and Patrik Näslund made his senior debut with Frölunda. Some 40 Mannheim fans are keeping up good atmosphere in the arena with constant chanting and singing.

18:00 2 min left on 2:e period

15:15 Mannheim #91 el-Sayed back on ice

12:16 Playd stop. Mannheim #91 el-Sayed injury

11:16 Frölunda full strength

09:16 Frölunda nr 46 Christoffer Persson gets a 2 minute penalty for holding

08:20 Mannheim steps up after Frölundas last goal

07:00 # 7 Henrik Tömmernäs. Assisted by # 5 Christian Bäckman and #9 Magnus Kahnberg

06:22 Mannheim nr 8 Yanick Lehhoux gets a 2 minute penalty for interference

03:21 # 18 Sebastian Collberg. Assisted by # 12 Johan Sundström and Pierre Johnsson.

00:56 Mannheim full strength

00:00 Period 2 has stared.
Period 1
20:00 The first period was an intensive trench. Frölunda had a advantage in the first period and Mannheim focused very much of defending themselves.

Goalkeeper Felix Bruckmann was forced to do many qualified saves.

We are looking forward to the second period.

20:00 Attendance: 1370

20:00 End of period 1, shots on goal Frölunda: 12 and Adler Mannheim: 5

19:00 One minute left of the first period

18:49 Mannheim nr 10 Craig Mac Donald gets a 2 minute penalty for tripping.

17:48 Frölunda full strength.

17:20 Mannheim nr 47 Christoph Ullmann get a relly hard direct slapshot in place.

15:49 #2 in Frölunda Pierre Johnsson gets a 2 min penalty for tripping.

13:38 Both teams battles about getting control of the neutral zone. Frölunda is checking high with 2 forwards of the defenseman in Mannheim.

11:16 Frölunda full strength

09:56 Mannheim full strength.

08:40 Both team plays very agressive in the beginning of the period.

07:51 #44 in Mannheim Mattias Plachta gets a 2 min penalty for hooking.

06:57 Great saving by goalkeeper in Mannheim when Frölundas Fredrik Pettersson was left right in the castle alone.

06:27 Frölunda´s Toni Koivisto scores the first goal assisted by Mikael Johansson and Victor Svedberg.

04:47 Mannheim full strength

02:48 #57 Ronny Arendt gets a 2 min penalty for inteference.

00:00 Todays refeeres are Marcus Vinnerborg and Sören Persson, linesmen Henrik Pihlblad and Fredrik Ulriksson.

00:00 The Referee drops the puck and the game begins, enjoy!

00:00 The teams are back on ice and the game is about to begin.

00:00 The players starts to leave the ice for 20 minutes break

00:00 Missing players in Frölunda in todays game are:
Joel Lundqvist (captain)
Jari Tolsa
Fredrik Andersen
Victor Backman

00:00 Both teams are on the ice for warmup

00:00 Welcome to the match in The European Trophy between Frölunda Indians and Adler Mannheim, the game takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden.

First line
16. Mike Glumac
10. Craig MacDonald
17. Marcus Kink
26. Jaime Sifers
69. Florian Kettemer

Second line
27. Adam Mitchell
8. Yanick Lehoux
19. Ken Magowan
29. Denis Reul
14. Steve Wagner

Third line
28. Frank Mauer
47. Christoph Ullmann
36. Yannic Seidenberg
4. Chris Lee
77. Nikolai Goc

Fourth line
44. Matthias Plachta
91. Marc El-Sayed
57. Ronny Arendt
92. Richard Gelke
24. Corey Mapes

90. Felix Brückmann
(35. Patrick Galbraith)
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