First line
27. Tomas Pospisil
16. Radim Hruska
26. Jaroslav Svoboda
51. Jan Svrcek
5. Tomas Zizka

Second line
9. Roman Erat
11. Miroslav Holec
67. Branislav Jankovic
89. Michal Kempny
32. Radim Bicanek

Third line
28. Radek Dlouhy
12. Leos Cermak
41. Andrej Podkonicky
8. Juraj Valach
71. Tomas Malec

Fourth line
20. Hynek Zohorna
29. Jakub Koreis
61. Jakub Svoboda
3. Petr Senkerik
23. Radim Ostrcil

1. Sasu Hovi
(35. Jiri Trvaj)

HC Kometa Brno - Jokerit
0 - 3

Period 3
20:00 And that is all. Jokerit won by three goals. Kometa could not score a goal and that is the reason why home team lost this match.

18:00 Exactly two minutes before end of third period Jokerit scored for the third time. Alexander Ruutu scored after fast shot to right Hovi´s stick. Assitance: Teemu Pulkkinen.

14:37 It seems like Kometa has no power to try win this match.

11:56 Both teams are playing in full strength.

11:29 Amazing leg save by Hetenyi after Erat´s shot from short distance.

09:56 Tomi Maki (Jokerit) and Jakub Koreis (Kometa) - both 2 minutes for roughing. We will watch 4 on 4 game.

09:07 And now it is bad for home team. Teuvo Teräväinen scored second Jokerit´s goal after good pass from Jani Rita.

08:32 Fast shot by Pulkkinen ends only a few centimetres next to the left stick of Hovi´s net.

07:04 4178 fans visit tonight´s game.

06:32 Young Jokerit player Teemu Teräväinen missed in good chance.

03:41 Still no chances in third part of the game.

01:09 Both teams are playing carefully on the start of this period.

00:00 Jokerit will start third period with four seconds of power play. After that Radek Dlouhý will return to the ice.
Period 2
20:00 Second period is history now. Jokerit scored first goal of the match Tomi Maki, who scored in 27th minute. The game was very similar to first period. Both teams still can win this match.

18:45 We see first small fight of the match after brilliant save by Sasu Hovi.

18:04 Radek Dlouhý (HC Kometa Brno) - 2 minutes for interference.

17:31 Both teams can not prepare some opportunity.

14:32 Jokerit Helsinki is in full strenght.

14:02 Jokerit was under pressure but now is puck behind Kometa´s net.

12:32 Home team will play power play because Jani Rita from Jokerit gets 2 minutes for high sticking.

11:01 Kometa players are playing better now then before goal.

06:54 Jokerit is in a lead. Tomi Maki scored by shot between legs of Sasu Hovi. Assistance by: Teemu Pulkkinen.

03:02 Shot by Eaves ended in glove of Sasu Hovi.

01:04 Holec was in first chance of this period but Hetenyi made a good save.

00:00 Second period will start in few seconds.
Period 1
20:00 First period is over. We saw fast hockey with only a few good chances to score. Score is still 0:0 and we hope we will some goals in the next period.

17:01 Jakub Koreis missed great pass from Jaroslav Svoboda.

16:44 Kometa in full strength Jokerit had no chance in this power play.

14:44 Jaroslav Svoboda (HC Kometa Brno) - 2 minutes for high sticking.

13:15 Shot by Švrcek ends only a few centimetres next to the net of Jokerit.

11:58 Away team is playing in full strength.

10:52 Hard shot from Žižka was catched by Hetenyi.

09:58 Nichlas Hardt (Jokerit Helsinki) 2 minutes penalty for tripping.

09:24 Leoš Cermák and Andrej Podkonický missed good chances.

08:42 Kometa is playing in full strength.

08:09 Riku Hahl tried to surprise Hovi by shot behind the net.

06:49 Home team is under big pressure.

06:44 Only five seconds after end of Jokerits power play Helsinki scored. TOMI MAKI scored by shot between legs of Sasu Hovi. Assistance: Teemu Pulkkinen.

05:36 Sasu Hovi made few very good saves in last minutes.

04:50 Tomáš Malec (HC Kometa Brno) - 2 minutes for tripping.

04:42 Michal Kempný (HC Kometa Brno) - 2+2 minutes for high sticking.

03:01 In first minutes of the game Kometa is better team.

00:52 First shot of the game by Jaroslav Svoboda hat Hetenyis leg.

00:01 The match just begins.

00:00 Both teams are on the ice, ready for game.

00:00 Hello from Brno. Welcome to live report from the game between home team HC Kometa Brno and famous team from capital city of Finland Jokerit Helsinki.

First line
43. Nichlas Hardt
81. Ilari Filppula
42. Ben Eaves
40. Markus Nordlund
2. Jeremy Dehner

Second line
50. Tommi Kivistö
44. Antti Kerälä
9. Alexander Ruuttu
4. Ossi Väänänen
6. Teemu Pulkkinen

Third line
32. Riku Hahl
86. Teuvo Teräväinen
28. Jani Rita
21. Teemu Eronen
10. John Klingberg

Fourth line
3. Petteri Lindbohm
55. Henri Heino
58. Nico Manelius
22. Juhani Tyrväinen
14. Tomi Mäki

29. Zoltán Hetényi
(37. Eero Kilpeläinen)
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