First line
88. Michal Bulir
93. Petr Nedved
27. Jaroslav Kudrna
2. Martin Cakajik
6. Jan Vytisk

Second line
19. Daniel Spacek
92. Tomas Vak
8. Michal Barta
77. David Stich
4. Darrell Hay

Third line
16. Jan Visek
91. Dalibor Bortnak
24. Tomas Klimenta
17. Lukas Derner
34. Jan Holub

Fourth line
12. Antonin Dusek
55. Patrik Urban
53. Lukas Krejcik
60. Petr Ulrych

97. Marek Pinc
(33. Tomas Vosvrda)

Bili Tygri Liberec - Luleå HF
2 - 3

Period 3
20:00 I hope you had a great time during the commentary and looking forward to tomorrow's Tigers' final ET game for this season, when they meet Berlin.

20:00 David Stich gets one star, Simon Hjalmarsson gets two stars and JOHAN HARJU gets three stars.

20:00 Harju won the final face-off and the horn ends the game.

19:55 Icing against Luleå, one last chance for the Tigers to tie it up.

19:39 Pinc is pulled.

19:10 Hjalmarsson is saving time at the boards.

18:40 Fransson has the puck at his own end and starts out.

18:00 Two minutes left, but no signs of hurry on both teams plays.

16:10 In the neutral zone, the puck gets over the glass and into the crowd of 1,556. Five of those fans are topless guys with letters LULEÅ on their bodies.

15:26 Cakajik tried one, but it went wide and high.

15:18 Stich's nice shot stopped by Rautio.

15:04 Komarek's drive is deflected by Pinc's blocker, but the forward was offside.

14:46 Another big hit by Vytisk, this time on Hjalmarsson.

14:19 Krejcik took the puck away while shorthanded, trying to create a chance for Spacek, but sending the puck directly on Rautio.

13:48 Kajinek got into business with a good hit on Vihko.

13:14 Stich managed to clear the puck out.

12:57 Tomas Vak gets called for slashing.

12:45 Fleury got hit hard by Vytisk, who absolutely thundered him.

11:45 Falth got on jets but his pass to Vihko was too fast.

10:45 The chant is "tie it up" at the moment.

10:03 Bulir fought for the puck in the corner, than he sent out Nedved, who got stopped by pads of Rautio.

09:35 Sandell centered one, but Vihko didn't reach it.

08:48 This is going to get a little dramatic as DAVID STICH cuts the lead to one. Assisted by Nedved.

08:44 Sebastian Enterfeldt gets called for tripping and after he lost it, he gets a misconduct for unsportmanslike conduct.

08:21 MICHAL BULIR gets the Tigers on the scoreboard with a powerplay goal.

08:08 Cakajik's one-timer goes wide.

08:03 Chris Abbott gets called for interference.

07:41 The puck ended up flying to the bench and Holub, who plays D, made a nice glove save.

06:52 Cakajik tried one and it was stopped by Rautio.

06:33 The Tigers use their time-out.

06:33 Abbott sent the puck to Harju, who got stopped by Pinc's pads and SIMON HJALMARSSON squeezed the puck in.

06:20 Harju's hard drive was stopped by Pinc.

05:54 Jan Holub gets to gate for hooking.

05:04 Urban found noone in the doorstpe, although looking good.

04:57 Visek's shot was going wide, but Rautio reached out for it.

04:14 Vytisk presented himslef with a great hit on Enterfeldt.

03:35 Berglund had a chance, but missed.

02:57 Fleury brought the puck in deep and stuck it of the post with Hjalmarsson looking for it and Pinc covering it.

02:40 Klimenta's good drive goes up high, but Rautio was looking for it.

01:32 Kilstrom's shot goes wide.

00:56 Bulir dumped it in and Rautio plays the puck.

00:00 The third period has begun.
Period 2
20:00 The next period will start in fourteen minutes.

20:00 Luleå took advantage of the five-minute powerplay early in the second, when Johan Harju scored to open the score. Chris Abbott doubled the lead up later. Shots were 9-10 for Luleå in the last twenty minutes.

20:00 The second period reaches its end.

19:20 Bulir was all alone, but the puck was too fast. Rautio was there first.

18:58 Stich's shot got redirected by Dusek to the corner.

18:39 Robin Jonsson gets called for tripping.

18:30 Spacek's pass didn't find Nedved, who started the whole opportunity, in the attacking zone.

17:00 Berglund spun around in the attacking zone but his shot went wide.

16:15 Hjalmarsson was making a final pass of a tic-tac-toe, which could lead to a nice goal, but Darrell Hay blocked it perfectly.

15:43 Two Luleå players got smoked in the neutral zone lately, one of them by Holub.

14:32 Nedved had a discussion with Kilstrom and the ref interrupts the game due to that.

14:17 The game turned non-event recently, offside prevents the Tigers from progressing in.

13:04 Hay did well stopping Komarek, but Spacek only cleared it out.

12:45 Pinc played the puck far to Vak, who left it to Barta and he shoots it to the protective netting behind the net.

11:51 Nedved was checked hard on the endboard but moments later, Cakajik shoots one to the side of the net.

11:30 After Visek had to leave the ice on the fly due to an injury, Karlsson's drive was stopped by Pinc.

10:58 Holub tried one hard on Rautio, who plays well tonight.

10:44 Vihko's hard drive was stopped by Pinc and Sandstrom's shot was blocked by a defenceman.

10:27 Pinc stops the dump-in.

09:39 Nedved tried one from the boards after being sent to one on a D, but Rautio resists.

09:03 Klimenta's nice drive hits Rautio to his shoulder.

08:40 Pinc makes a glove save on Sandell.

08:16 Tomas Vak rang it of the bar! Looked like it might have been in, but the ref is cool on that.

07:32 Dusek's bad angle shot was blocked in front and Holub's drive was blocked by Barta.

06:42 Kilstrom suckerpunched Bulir behind Luleå net but refs didn't pay attention.

05:24 After Hay's shot was stopped beautifully by Rautio, Bortnak initiated a little skirmish out in front.

04:50 While Pinc was out of his net, CHRIS ABBOTT took advantage of his bad position and after Fleury sent him the puck from behind the net, he scored a wide-open net goal.

04:28 Spacek had an opportunity out deep and after his first shot was blocked by a defenceman, he lost the puck.

03:42 Klistrom's shot was redirected by Vihko in front, but Pinc managed to delfect it out.

03:10 Gunnarsson blasted one up high.

02:35 Komarek's soft shot got stopped by Pinc who cleared the puck out by himself then.

02:02 Hjalmarsson's blast almost broke a glass behind Pinc's net.

01:30 The Tigers clear it.

00:53 The powerplay continues.

00:53 JOHAN HARJU got to the puck on the doorstep and sent it hard to the net. Assisted by Hjalmarsson.

00:00 The second period has started.

00:00 The players are on the ice.
Period 1
20:00 The second period will start in fifteen minutes.

20:00 Luleå proved to be a quality opponent, but also had troubles getting through Tigers' good defence, especially on powerplay. Shots on goal are 11-10 for the Tigers.

About that hard hit by Kudrna, it looked as a clean hit, but Wallin had bad luck falling on the ice. If it was worthy game misconduct or not, that's in jurisdiction of the officials.

20:00 The horn sounds to end the first period.

19:45 Another hard shot, this time swallowed by Vytisk in front.

19:15 Falth's hard drive is denied by Pinc.

19:00 Niclas Wallin is the injured guy, but he got off the ice without using the stretcher.

19:00 He'll be carried out on stretcher and Kudrna gets five minutes and game misconduct for boarding.

19:00 One of the visiting players is lying on the ice in pain after a hit by Kudrna. Medical staff is with him but we have no sight of his number or name.

18:40 Luleå manages to clear it, and their PK appears to be pretty good covering all the bodies in the attacking zone.

18:00 Enterfeldt's nice shot deflected up high.

17:25 Meijer gets to the penalty box as Luleå's bench receives a delaying the game minor.

17:25 Hjalmarsson received the puck to the blue-paint but Pinc said no closing his five-hole quickly enough.

16:49 Harju with a great drive that ends up stuck by the corner-board.

16:05 Nedved gets called for slashing and Luleå will play 5 on 3, but just for five seconds.

15:55 Pinc had to make to nice pad saves on Fransson and Sandstrom.

15:20 Spacek did a grade-A job getting the puck out and deep.

14:21 Sandell found Fleury on the other side of the doorstep, but the French forward gets denied by an amazing pad save by Pinc.

14:10 Michal Bulir gets two minutes for hooking as Luleå enters their second man-advantage tonight.

13:45 Fransson showed some nifty moves while getting through the attacking zone, but noone was at the receiving end of his pass. Nice work though.

13:15 Neutral zone is the battlefield for now.

11:50 Chances on both sides now as the game gets a little interesting, Viitaluoma's chance saw the puck going wide, but Rautio had to make three nice saves on Hay, Spacek and Nedved.

10:52 Another icing against the Swedish team. Tigers are covering holes well and not giving their opponents many ways to pass the puck up.

10:21 Icing is called against Luleå.

09:58 Tomas Klimenta dragged himself around a defenceman but his sticked slipped when he was about to shoot the puck.

09:28 Luleå is in full strength, but had troubles killing he penalty off.

09:00 Vytisk got stopped on a nice try by Rautio, who also deflected a backhand rebound by Spacek.

08:15 The Tigers have Luleå locked in so far.

07:28 Robin Jonsson gets a two-minute minor for roughing and the Tigers will play their first powerplay tonight.

06:59 The Tigers had a nice three-on-two in their attacking zone, but with Spacek starting it, the puck ended up going wide at its end.

06:47 Fleury's sharp angle one-timer hits the side of the net.

06:25 Luleå clears it for icing.

05:45 Kudrna found a pass on the doorstep but couldn't aim the puck while on his knees.

05:21 A good PK on this one, the visitors racked up only about twenty seconds of time in their attacking zone.

04:33 Visek cleared it rather than starting a shorthanded break-away.

03:53 The PK's playing it well so far for the Tigers.

03:21 The visitors managed to lock the Tigers in their own zone and draw a penalty. Darrell Hay gets called for hooking.

02:30 The Tigers fourth line couldn't work anything out, but at least held the puck deep in the attacking zone, which other Tigers lines have been having troubles with so far.

01:52 Both Holub and Ulrych tried one shot, but none of them was on goal.

01:16 Spacek picked up the loose puck right after crossing the blue line but aimed his wrister only to the chest of Rautio.

00:25 Fleury sprinted right into the attacking zone, but his shot went wide.

00:00 The ref has dropped the puck to start the game.

00:00 And the Tigers have stepped on with the fans supporting them by a big applaus.

00:00 The Luleå players are already on the ice, waiting for the Tigers to show up, too.

00:00 Marek Pinc will be the starter for the Tigers tonight for the second time in this year's ET, while David Rautio will be in the net for Luleå.

00:00 The Tigers coaching staff decided the team needed a little shake-up after a tough loss against the Eagles. Defencemen Michal Pavlu and Jiri Moravec and forwards Petr Kica and Tomas Urban are healthy scratches for tonight, while Petr Ulrych, Lukas Krejcik and 17 years old Patrik Urban will have their ET debuts tonight.

00:00 Welcome at tonight's game's online commentary, the game is beginning in eighteen minutes.

First line
14. Damien Fleury
29. Chris Abbott
11. Simon Hjalmarsson
5. Lukas Kilström
10. Johan Fransson

Second line
23. Jonas Berglund
16. Niklas Olausson
90. Johan Harju
26. Niclas Wallin
39. Robin Jonsson

Third line
20. Joonas Vihko
38. Ville Viitaluoma
40. Sami Sandell
7. Jan Sandström
33. Elias Fälth

Fourth line
17. Konstantin Komarek
9. Sebastian Enterfeldt
19. Kim Karlsson
6. Daniel Gunnarsson
13. Sebastian Meijer

1. David Rautio
(37. Johan Gustafsson)
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