First line
77. Antti Erkinjuntti
85. Jussi Makkonen
20. Sami Venäläinen
12. Tuukka Mäntylä
55. Kalle Kaijomaa

Second line
82. Kim Strömberg
16. Joey Tenute
11. Miikka Männikkö
5. Pekka Saravo
9. Juha Leimu

Third line
17. Jacob Cepis
44. Jan-Mikael Järvinen
81. Jukka Peltola
26. Viktor Ekbom
73. Aleksi Elorinne

Fourth line
87. Jouni Virpiö
71. Antti Kangasniemi
37. Tomi Pekkala
15. Jussi Halme

34. Jani Nieminen
(29. Juha Metsola)

Tappara - HC CSOB Pojistovna Pardubice
5 - 6

Period 5
00:00 Three stars to Pardubice's Koukal, two stars to Tappara's Leimu, and one star to Pardubice's Bartek.

00:00 Martin Bartek for Pardubice...scores from the five-hole and wins the game for Pardubice!

00:00 Joey Tenute for Tappara... saved by Koutsky.

00:00 Petr Koukal for Pardubice...scores and ties the shootout!

00:00 Sami Venäläinen for Tappara....saved by Koutsky.

00:00 Jan Stary for Pardubice...shoots wide of the net.

00:00 Männikkö starts.... and gets a lucky goal after already losing the puck in his deke attempt.

00:00 Tappara will start the shoot-out.
Period 4
05:00 Tappara no shots on goal, Pardubice two.

05:00 And we go to a shoot-out.

04:35 Second shot from Pardubice.

04:00 Last minute of OT.

03:00 Pardubice has one shot towards the net, Tappara zero.

02:00 Still nothing.

01:00 First minute of overtime with no scoring chances.
Period 3
20:00 Shots on goal in the 3rd period 8 for Tappara, 15 for Pardubice.

20:00 Rakos had a good shot in the last seconds, but no goal. We go into an overtime. 5 minutes, sudden death.

19:24 Teams are full strength.

17:24 Pardubice Vaclav Koci 2 min for interference.

16:58 And Pardubice ties the game! A powerplay goal scored by PETR KOUKAL, his 2nd of the night. Assists to Jan Kolar (forward) and Jan Stary.

16:35 A good shot from Daniel Rakos results in a penalty for Tappara. Männikkö 2 min for holding.

16:11 Pardubice looking for that tying goal. They have the upper hand in the game at the moment.

13:34 2580 spectators tonight.

12:37 Pardubice scores on powerplay too! Ales Pisa shoots, forward JAN KOLAR re-directs it in from the air. Other assist to the other Jan Kolar.

12:01 Tappara Kaijomaa 2 min for roughing.

11:45 A huge chance to Tuukka Mäntylä, but Koutsky saves his one-timer.

10:53 It's a powerplay goal! MIIKKA MÄNNIKKÖ shoots from a tight angle but it goes in through Koutsky. Assist to Juha Leimu who gets his 4th point of the night.

09:45 Pardubice Tomas Zohorna 2 min for tripping.

08:33 ROBERT KOUSAL tries to pass from behind the net, and the puck goes in from d-man Leimu's leg. He didn't get a hat-trick from that... Assists to Kousal's goal go to Lukas Radil and Vaclav Benak.

08:18 Offensive zone hand pass whistled from Pardubice. It could have been a scoring chance withoutn that.

07:46 Jan Stary with a one-timer, saved by Nieminen.

06:48 Tappara's Männikkö with a chance on rebound, but couldn't get a decent shot in.

03:59 Also Tappara full strength.

03:42 Pardubice full strength.

03:02 Hard shot from forward Jan Kolar, but high of the net.

01:59 Quickly evened up. Tappara Kalle Kaijomaa 2 min for hooking.

01:42 Pardubice Petr Mocek 2 min for high-sticking.

01:03 Has Erkinjuntti soaped himself? He is slippery!

00:19 The 3rd period has started already!
Period 2
20:00 The period is over. Pardubice was a lot better in this period than in the 1st one. Not a lot of emotion on the ice, but good chances here and there offensively. Shots on goal in the 2nd: 10 for Tappara, 12 for Pardubice.

19:29 JOEY TENUTE makes it 4-2 to Tappara on powerplay. He gets a rebound, pulls back a little and lifts the puck over Koutsky. Assists to Pekka Saravo and Kim Strömberg.

18:16 Pardubice Vaclav Koci 2 min for holding.

17:38 Tenute with a good pass to Mäntylä, but he shoots high.

16:51 Teams are full strength when the puck is dropped after an offside whistle. No great chances for Pardubice.

14:51 Tappara Jussi Halme 2 min for tripping.

12:57 Teams are full strength.

11:26 Leimu with a good shot, looking for the hat-trick. Koutsky denies.

10:57 2 min penalty for cross-checking to Pardubice's Drtina.

09:53 Pardubice scores again. A good straight attack where the puck bounces to the second wave to PETR KOUKAL who shoots it in. No assists

07:34 Tappara's Antti Erkinjuntti is playing well. He made himself a chance but Koutsky made the save.

06:38 Pardubice is skating totally different than in the 1st period. They are getting good attacks all the time.

04:57 Tappara missed an amazing chance. First a brilliant move by Peltola, then Mäntylä follows the rebound and hits the post, and then Cepis can't get the puck in the open net!

03:35 A long shift with the puck ends in Pardubice's first goal. TOMAS ZOHORNA re-directs Vaclav Koci's blueline shot past Nieminen. Another assist to Martin Bartek.

02:30 Some pushing behind the Pardubice net after the whistle. Nothing comes out of it.

00:49 Tappara net gets loose when Nieminen stumbles on the post while making a save.

00:01 The 2nd period has started.
Period 1
20:00 The second assist to Tappara's third goal is corrected. The assist goes to Erkinjuntti instead of Venäläinen.

20:00 The period was all home team although the shots on goal were only 9-8 for Tappara. Pardubice is probably tired from the long trip to Tampere.

18:31 Teams are full strength.

17:43 Defenseman Jan Kolar with a blueline slapshot, kick saved by Nieminen.

16:31 Tappara Joey Tenute 2 min for hooking.

15:44 JUHA LEIMU with his second goal of the period making it 3-0 for the home team. Tuukka Mäntylä carried the puck in the zone, drop passed it to Leimu who blasted a slapshot past Koutsky. Another assist to Sami Venäläinen (later changed for Erkinjuntti).

15:14 Martin Bartek gets a semi-breakaway, but Nieminen saves his backhand shot.

13:07 Pardubice killed this powerplay pretty easily, too. Teams are full strength.

11:07 Another penalty for the visitors. Robert Kousal 2 min for tripping.

10:39 Teams are full strength. One good shot from Peltola, but that's it for this Tappara powerplay.

08:39 2 min penalty for Martin Drtina of Pardubice for interference.

08:17 Daniel Rakos of Pardubice had their best chancwe yet, but Nieminen in front of it again.

07:49 Vaclav Koci's blueline shot floats in but Nieminen takes it. Pardubice hasn't gotten any quality chances yet.

06:23 SAMI VENÄLÄINEN makes it 2-0 for Tappara. Antti Erkinjuntti drove to net, and Venäläinen chipped the loose puck in while falling down. Assists to Erkinjuntti and Juha Leimu.

04:57 Now the game can continue again.

04:56 At the same time there's something wrong with the plexiglass caused by Männikkö's hit earlier. It takes some time to fix it.

04:56 Tappara scores the first goal! JUHA LEIMU gets a free lane on to the net, dekes and puts the puck in. Great pass from Jake Cepis to Leimu, and also Jukka Peltola gets an assist.

04:28 A hard hit now from Männikkö.

03:43 Teams are full strength.

02:37 Pardubice on powerplay now for about a minute.

02:28 Hard hit from Marek Drtina on Antti Kangasniemi.

01:43 Teams are even strength now as Miikka Männikkö takes a penalty for hooking.

00:37 Antti Erkinjuntti with the first shot of the game for Tappara. And also a penalty for Pardubice. Ales Pisa 2 min for high-sticking.

00:01 Puck is dropped. Pardubice wins the first draw.

00:00 Only the starting fives are on the ice. The game is about to begin. Starting goalies Nieminen for Tappara, Koutsky for Pardubice.

00:00 The on-ice officials are on the ice already. Referees tonight are Hannu Henriksson and Jari Leppäalho, linesmen Erkki Mikkonen and Kristian Vikman.

00:00 And yes, there are two players named Jan Kolar in Pardubice's team!

00:00 One hour until game time. Here are the line-ups of today's game.

First line
23. Jan Stary
42. Petr Koukal
48. Jan Kolar
27. Jan Kolar
24. Ales Pisa

Second line
36. Jan Semorad
33. Jiri Puhony
18. Martin Bartek
14. Vaclav Koci
9. Vladimir Sicak

Third line
61. Daniel Rakos
79. Tomas Zohorna
69. Lukas Radil
28. Marek Drtina
19. Vaclav Benak

Fourth line
46. Jan Buchtele
72. Lukas Nahodil
90. Robert Kousal
29. Petr Mocek
87. Jakub Nakladal

2. Vladislav Koutsky
(99. Martin Ruzicka)
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