First line
19. Ramzi Abid
86. Jeremy Williams
5. Thomas Raffl
51. Matthias Trattnig
26. Brent Aubin

Second line
41. Steve Regier
10. Robert Earl
18. Danny Bois
44. Doug Lynch
20. Daniel Welser

Third line
61. Chris Lawrence
92. Daniel Erlich
15. Manuel Latusa
91. Dominique Heinrich
23. Markus Schlacher

Fourth line
13. Michael Schiechl
72. David Labrecque
74. Johannes Bischofberger
17. Giffen Nyren
70. Markus Pöck

39. Joshua Tordjman
(30. Thomas Höneckl)

EC Red Bull Salzburg - HC Kometa Brno
3 - 2

Period 3
20:00 it was a powerful and breath taking game on both sides with the final luck for Salzburg.

see you next on thursday 25th august @ 19:15 RBS - HC Mountfield

20:00 3 Stars: #19 Ramzi Abid (RBS)
2 Stars: #10 Robert Earl (RBS)
1 Star: #11 Miroslav Holec (Brno)

20:00 End of Game!

18:35 Brno GK off

18:35 time out Brno

18:00 two minutes left in the third period

16:21 Brno now playing on full strength

14:21 Brno #41 Podkonicky 2min penalty for high sticking

11:18 RBS now on full strength and one by one big save by RBS goali Josh Tordjman

11:09 break away and short handed goal for RBS #10 Earl Robbie assisted #19 Abid Ramzi

09:18 a couple of players are figthing in front of the RBS goal and #41 Regier Steve has to come to the box for 2min penalty roughing

07:43 big save by RBS goalie Josh Tordjman

07:15 another 2min penalty #91 Heinrich Dominique for tripping

03:42 Powerplaygoal RBS #20 Welser Daniel assisted #10 Earl Robbie

03:33 2min #91 Krivohlavek Jan for slashing against the goalkeeper RBS

03:08 Brno now on full strength

01:33 Brno now with 4 players on ice

01:26 Brno with a big break chance 5 against 3

01:08 2min penalty Brno #89 Kempny Michael for tripping

00:55 RBS playing on full strength

00:00 the referee drops the puck and the third period starts 4 against 4

00:00 Two minutes left to 3rd periode.
Period 2
20:00 in the second period there were many interruptions altough the speed of the game increased. The game also got more emotional. The fans of the home team are just hoping for the equalizer.

SOG 2/3: RBS 8, Brno 11

20:00 End of second period

19:33 2min penalty #41 Podkonicky Andrej for holding

19:18 Brno playing on full strength

18:55 RBS 2min penalty #15 Latusa Manuel for hooking, powerplay Brno

18:30 90 seconds left off the second period

17:18 2min penalty for both teams: RBS #18 Bois Daniel for roughing, Brno #3 Senkerik for cross checking

16:33 RBS now on full strength

14:33 RBS #51 Trattnig Matthias 2min penalty for hooking

13:29 chance by chance for RBS but the Brno defence work very hard

09:49 RBS wants to tie the game but Brno defense the middle zone

08:49 Brno playing on full strength

06:49 2min penalty #89Kempny Michael for holding, powerplay RBS

05:03 first goal RBS scored #5 Raffl Thomas assisted by #19 Abid Ramzi

03:41 Brno #8 Valach Juraj 2min penalty for boarding

03:28 Brno #11 Holec Miroslav scores the second powerplay goal assisted by #9 Erat Roman

02:12 RBS #23 Schlacher Markus 2min penalty for hooking

00:00 start of the second period
Period 1
20:00 Shots on Goal 1/3: RBS 12, Brno 9

20:00 it was a tough first period with speed skating on both sides. Brno takes o lot of power to tackle RBS in their offensive play.

20:00 End of first period

19:40 some big chances by RBS

18:00 two minutes left in the first period

15:56 agressive penalty killing by Brno an now on full strength

13:56 Brno only for a few seconds on full strenght then next 2min penalty for too many players on ice

11:45 Brno #29 Koreis Jakub gets 2min plus 10min for check against head and neck against Dominik Heinrich

10:26 RBS on full strength

08:26 RBS #91 Dominique Heinrich 2min for hooking

07:41 brno on full strenght

06:53 great save by GK Hovi Sasu

05:41 Brno #12 Cermak Leos 2min for tripping

03:41 #12 Cermak Leos scores on Powerplay assited by #10 Hubacek Petr and #32 Bicanke Radim

02:23 RBS #91 Dominique Heinrich two minutes for tripping

00:04 RBS wins the first face off

00:00 the first puck is dropped and the game starts!

00:00 the teams are back on ice and the game starts in a few moments

00:00 the warmup is finished now; it is a sunny sommer evening in Salzburg, so we will see how many fans will turn up to tonights game...
20min to face off.

00:00 tonights referees are Thomas Bernecker & Christian Potocan assisted by the linesman Florian Hofer & Christian Kaspar

00:00 Welcome to the first game in Salzburg between RedBulls Salzburg an HC Kometa Brno.
the game starts in 60 min.

First line
27. Tomas Pospisil
41. Andrej Podkonicky
12. Leos Cermak
5. Tomas Zizka
51. Jan Svrcek

Second line
10. Petr Hubacek
11. Miroslav Holec
9. Roman Erat
32. Radim Bicanek
89. Michal Kempny

Third line
26. Jaroslav Svoboda
29. Jakub Koreis
20. Hynek Zohorna
71. Tomas Malec
8. Juraj Valach

Fourth line
67. Branislav Jankovic
91. Jan Krivohlavek
72. Roman Jurak
3. Petr Senkerik
23. Radim Ostrcil

1. Sasu Hovi
(35. Jiri Trvaj)
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