First line
84. Michal Vondrka
71. Ivan Huml
22. Miikka Salomäki
26. Mikko Lehtonen
3. Ville Mäntymaa

Second line
23. Joonas Kemppainen
12. Pekka Saarenheimo
27. Juha-Pekka Haataja
15. Oscar Eklund
4. Ville Pokka

Third line
29. Joonas Donskoi
30. Joonas Komulainen
13. Julius Junttila
5. Atte Ohtamaa
7. Nico Lehto

Fourth line
17. Simon Suoranta
49. Ville-Matti Koponen
21. Tomi Körkkö
16. Markus Korkiakoski
25. Vladimir Eminger

35. Ville Hostikka
(33. Tomi Karhunen)

Oulun Kärpät - Färjestads BK
2 - 1

Period 5
00:00 The game is over. The excitement is over. The attendance got what they wanted and they thank for it for standing and cheering while the best players are awarded.

00:00 Third pair:
Färjestad 18 Robin Sterner, no goal. Kärpät 27 Juha-Pekka Haataja, SCORE!

00:00 Second pair:
Färjestad 71 Christian Berglund, no goal. Kärpät 29 Joonas Donskoi, no goal.

00:00 First pair:
Färjestad 22 Per Åslund, no goal. Kärpät 84 Michal Vondrka, no goal.

00:00 Färjestad starts the penalty shots.
Period 4
05:00 The zambomi cleans the ice and game winning competition starts soon.

05:00 The overtime is over and the game is still tied, even if Färjestad controlled the puck most of the time. Shots on goal were 1 - 7.

04:45 Färjestad 85 Mikael Johansson passed from the blue line and 12 Marius Holtet hits, but Hostikka is impressive.

04:28 Strong power play from Färjestad. 32 Magnus Nygren and 71 Christian Berglund had the best possibilities to solve the situation.

03:35 Kärpät 71 Ivan Huml got 2 minutes for hooking.

02:20 Färjestad 73 Anton Grundel and 18 Robin Sterner co-operated excellently, but defensemen of Kärpät were disturbing them.

01:35 Mister Salomäki again.

00:33 Kärpät 22 Miikka Salomäki goes wildly and has no limits.

00:18 Färjestad 71 Christian Berglund was almost alone going on towards the goal of Kärpät, but experinced 26 Mikko Lehtonen blocked his way.
Period 3
20:00 The third period is over. The game is tied, so it is going to be 5 minutes overtime. Shots on goal are 10 - 11 for Färjestad.

19:19 Off-side, Kärpät 5 Atte Ohtamaa.

18:40 But then it is Kärpät 22 Miikka Salomäki, who rushes like a bull to Färjestad goal and tryed to force the puck in the net.

18:33 Färjestad 22 Per Åslund wanted to break to game, but Hostikka saved.

18:00 Two minutes left of the third period.

17:19 Kärpät 5 Atte Ohtamaa tackled with skill and force Färjestad 79 Patrik Lundh. Nice and active palying from him.

15:37 Färjestad has had a lot of dangerous counters. This was one of them.

15:37 The first goal for Färjestad in this game was scored by 71 Christian Berglund and assisted by 22 Per Åslund and 32 Magnus Nygren.

14:40 Färjestad at full strength.

14:39 Time out, Färjestad.

14:04 Färjestad did not like Salomäki's activity in front of their goal. He is somewhere there under three other players.

13:42 Kärpät 22 Miikka Salomäki is teasing the swedes again.

13:07 Färjestad 8 Sanny Lindström shoots and attacks immodestly even if they are playing shorthanded.

12:40 Färjestad 22 Per Åslund got 2 minutes penalty for slashing.

12:16 Färjestad at full strength.

12:05 Kärpät 26 Mikko Lehtonen shot twice from close range, but both went a bit wild.

10:41 Kärpät has pressed the play from the beginning of this power play. Ville Mäntymaa (3) shot from the blue line, but Nilstorp was good.

10:16 Färjestad 6 Johan Larsson 2 minutes for holding.

09:43 Kärpät 26 Mikko Lehtonen bombed from the blue line, but Nilstorp has good reflexes.

07:24 Färjestad 85 Mikael Johansson passed insolently to 30 Marcus Paulsson who slashed fast. Ville Hostikka had to dive to save his goal.

06:54 Another young Kärppä Ville Pokka (4) found his playing humor.

06:29 Kärpät 84 Michal Vondrka fooled all the Färjestad players and took the puck in front of Nilstorp, but could glide it in.

05:06 The attendance here in Kokkola is 1992. People are following the game that glides from one end to another. But now they started to ask for a goal from Kärpät.

04:13 Icing, by Kärpät 13 Oscar Eklund.

02:25 Färjestad 42 Joakim Hilding hit from close range, but Hostikka was there ... again.

01:20 Färjestad 79 Patrik Lundh had a nice shot from blue line, but goalie Hostikka is awake.

01:08 Face off was taken by Färjestad 85 Mikael Johansson.

00:02 Young Kärppä 22 Miikka Salomäki continues his good playing. He started it yesterday in Nivala and ...

00:02 There is Kärpät 71 Ivan Huml and Färjestad 51 Richard Walllin. Wallin was stronger this time.

00:00 The line ups gather to start the third period.
Period 2
20:00 The shots on goal went now clearly to Kärpät. The numbers are 20 - 9.

20:00 The second period is over. In the beginning of the period the speed was low, but it kept on increasing all the time. At the end of the period there happened a lot, a lot of contacts and dangerous attacks.

19:05 Penalty shot for Kärpät. Kärpät 13 Julius Junttila shoot lookin for left upper corner, but the puck went over.

19:00 One minute left of the second period.

18:32 Färjestad at full strength. Just when the penalty ends the play was there in the front of Färjestad penalty box. A fight was close.

16:38 Kärpät 5 Atte Ohtamaa slashed hard and sharp, but the goalie gets it. Kärpät is really active and strong.

16:32 Färjestad 30 Marcus Paulsson had to take a 2 minutes penalty for hooking after strong pressuse done by Kärpät.

16:06 There is a big hussle at the Färjestad goal. Kärpät 22 Miikka Salomäki, 71 Ivan Huml and 84 Michal Vondrka tryed to force the puck behind Nilstorp's back. Färjestad 71 Christian Berglund was actively assisting his goalie to prevent them.

13:26 Kärpät at full strength.

13:09 Färjestad 12 Marius Holter is now trying to fool Ville Hostikka ... but he is sure and cool.

12:39 Färjestad had a dangerous counter, they attacted hard, but Ville Hostikka did some dream saves.

11:32 And again a good attack from young Kärppä players. This time there were 23 Joonas Kemppainen and 29 Joonas Donskoi.

11:26 Kärpät goalie 35 Ville Hostikka 2 minutes for interference. The penalty was served by 27 Juha-Pekka Haataja.

10:46 Wau ... what a goal! ... Kärpät 84 Michal Vondrka stole the puck arrogantly, run off to a breakaway and shot it! ... There can not be any better opening goals for a game!

09:42 Färjestad at full strength.

09:20 Kärpät 15 Oscar Eklund got 2 minutes penalty for holding the opponent's stick.

08:59 Kärpät 22 Miikka Salomäki got a puck on to his cheek, but is soon ready to go again.

07:42 Färjestad goalie 41 Christopher Nilstorp got 2 minutes penalty for slashing. The penalty is served by 33 Linus Fröberg.

07:32 Kärpät 13 Julius Junttila throws the puck with his stick close to Nilstorps goal and shoots right from rebound.

06:41 Kärpät is taking face offs quite determinately.

05:09 Kärpät 49 Ville-Matti Koponen got a 10 minutes penalty for misconduct after a hussle close to Färjestad goal.

04:35 Both teams are a bit looking for each others. There is not as much speed in the game as in first period.

03:53 Färjestad at full strength.

03:36 First shot from Kärpät during this power play was taken by 7 Nico Lehto.

01:53 Färjestad 71 Christian Berlund 2 minutes for charging after hitting hard Kärpät 12 Pekka Saarenheimo on open area between the p-points.

00:52 Kärpät has quite good power play. Number 22 Miikka Salomäki gave a good pass to 84 Michal Vondrka and after that 15 Oscar Eklund shot from blue line sharply.

00:02 The first face off of the second period was taken by Färjestad 51 Rickard Wallin.

00:00 The second period is ready to start.
Period 1
20:00 Both teams were playing active hockey, but maybe Färjestad was a bit stronger. The stats indicate it also quite clearly: the shots on goal went to Färjestad 5 - 8.

20:00 The first period is over. There were any goal, but quite a many dangerous situations.

19:26 Färjestad 8 Sanny Lindström 2 minutes penalty for holding.

19:00 One minute left of the first period.

18:51 The puck goes now more and more from one end to the other, but still the counters of Färjestad are maybe a bit faster.

17:55 Kärpät 22 Miikka Salomäki passes to 84 Michal Vondrka, but he didn't reach it.

16:55 Kärpät 49 Ville-Matti Koponen took the face off and passed to 21 Tomi Körkkö who slashes fast. Nilstorp stopped the puck.

16:29 But still there is room for Kärpät 30 Joonas Komulainen to shoot the puck towards the goal.

16:21 Färjestad defenses excellently. The defensemen force the play to the corners.

15:40 Kärpät 5 Atte Ohtamaa ja 26 Mikko Lehtonen are creating good attack, but Färjestad counters after a few seconds.

14:52 What a breakaway from Färjestad 28 Eric Thorell. But Ville Hostikka at the goal of Kärpät is calm.

14:13 Kärpät is very active close by Färjestad goal.

13:28 Färjestad at full strength.

12:47 Face off was taken by Kärpät 71 Ivan Huml. But where is the power play?

12:35 Kärpät at full strength.

11:52 Nice break for Kärpät hard attack by Färjestad 85 Mikael Johansson.

11:28 But still, even if Färjestad kept the puck all the time during their powerplay, Johan Larsson (6) had to slash to prevent loosing the puck.

10:45 Färjestad has nice and controlled power play ...

10:35 Kärpät 71 Ivan Huml, 2 minutes for elbowing

09:48 Färjestad 6 Johan Larsson hits hard from p-point.

08:52 Färjestad, icing by 25 Jonas Brodin.

08:39 Färjestad at full strength.

07:41 Kärpät 26 Mikko Lehtonen made music: the puck hit the pole, but no score.

06:41 Kärpät started his power play with force, Ville Mäntymaa (3) almost did it.

06:39 Färjestad 73 Anton Grundel, 2 minutes penalty for hooking.

05:36 The first attack from Kärpät, but shortly after that a good counter from Färjestad 79 Patrik Lundh who gave a good pass to his fellow player.

04:39 Färjestad has had a couple of good shot, but Kärpät so far none. The puck is almost all the time at the defensing area of Kärpät

04:07 The puck over the board.

03:46 Färjestad 30 Marcus Paulsson had a good counter and slash, but Hostikka did not have any promlems.

03:12 And now the first tackle of the game. It was Kärpät 12 Pekka Saarenheimo on his offensive zone.

02:52 The firsst break of the game.

02:05 The swedish have kept the puck all the time on their offensive zone.

00:43 Kärpät 15 Oscar Eklund knows the other swedish players - he does not hestitate to tackle his fellow citizens.

00:09 Kärpät Hostikka starts his night. Farjestad 22 Per Åslund and 51 Rickard Wallind shot from p-point right away.

00:02 Starting lineups take their places for first face-off. It was taken by Färjestad 51 Rickard Wallin.

00:00 And Finnish flag and national anthem. The anthems were presented by Jannica Bergrot

00:00 How nice ... there are four young skaters with the flag of Sweden, and we are listenig the national anthem of Sweden.

00:00 The Färjestad players are there on the ice again. Where are Kärpät? ... now they enter ...

00:00 The teams are ready to leave the ice. The zamboni is ready to enter the rink. And the spectators are waiting ... and they need to waite still 20 long minutes.

00:00 There is a colourful bustle on the ice when Färjestad players in their white and green jerseys and Oulun Kärpät in their blacks are warming themselves up.

00:00 The referees have left the ice, and we are waiting for players for warm up. The referees tonight are Timo Favorin and Anssi Salonen. Linesmen are Sami Laaksonen and Juha Kumpu.

00:00 Warmly welcome to Kokkola Icehall! It is only three quartees when Oulun Kärpät is meeting western neighbourgs from the city of Färjestad. Here are the line ups.

First line
71. Christian Berglund
51. Rickard Wallin
22. Per Åslund
25. Jonas Brodin
6. Johan Larsson

Second line
28. Erik Thorell
85. Mikael Johansson
79. Patrik Lundh
16. Kristofer Berglund
32. Magnus Nygren

Third line
30. Marcus Paulsson
33. Linus Fröberg
12. Marius Holtet
8. Sanny Lindström
73. Anton Grundel

Fourth line
18. Robin Sterner
42. Joakim Hillding
13. Peter Wennerström

41. Cristopher Nihlstorp
(35. Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel)
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