First line
69. Radek Duda
28. Martin Straka
26. Tomas Vlasak
8. Jirí Hanzlik
86. Dominik Bohac

Second line
22. Ondrej Kratena
71. Jaroslav Hlinka
10. Pavel Mrna
7. Nicolas St.Pierre
12. Frantisek Kaberle

Third line
52. Michal Dvorak
92. Jan Herman
80. Nicholas Johnson
5. Jakub Jerabek
14. Tomas Frolo

Fourth line
91. Jan Stransky
43. Jan Kovar
30. Jakub Lev
96. Martin Herman
55. Dan Ruzicka

2. Marek Mazanec
(1. Petr Prikryl)

HC Plzen 1929 - Tappara
4 - 0

Period 3
20:00 HC Plzen 1929 celebrates next victory in ET, and I have to admit that this victory Pilsen players completely deserved. Nice evening from Pilsen!

20:00 The game is over.

18:20 JAN KOVAR (PLZ) scores to empty net and he underlines today´s Pilsen victory. Assisted by Martin Straka.

17:51 Männikkö and Frolo, both get minor penalties for cross-checking.

14:51 JAROSLAV HLINKA got a great pass from Kratena and he beat Metsola for the third time. Assisted by Ondrej Kratena.

12:07 Pekkala shot from the middle and his stick had broke. Mazanec had no problems to save.

11:00 Icing for HC Plzen 1929.

09:31 Home players are still more active but their shots are blocked or they are not precisely.

06:40 Both teams come back to strategy - who crosses the blue line, has to let the puck behind.

03:32 Plzen in pressure, Martin Herman was for a while alone in front of Metsola, but he failed.

00:32 Home team at full strength.

00:01 The third period has just started.
Period 2
20:00 The second period is over.

19:59 Home players are active in opponent´s power play and they are rewarded! Radek Duda passed to TOMAS VLASAK and he scores the second goal! Assisted by Radek Duda.

18:32 Jiri Hanzlik (PLZ) gets a minor penalty for cross-checking.

14:59 Another calm part of game, both teams have big problems to cross their blue lines.

13:16 It looks like that offensive wave of this game has a break.

12:00 Tappara at full strength.

11:00 HC Plzen 1929 is also a bit poor in their power play, their players can not cross the blue line.

10:00 Kangasniemi gets a minor penalty for roughingh, a power play for home team.

08:26 Both teams at full strength.

06:59 Tappara don´t play a good power play, Pilsen doesn´t have to worry.

06:26 Kabere (PLZ) gets a minor penalty for hooking.

04:28 PLZ at full strength.

04:13 Fantastic opportunity for Pilsen! Kratena and Hlinka were in breakaway but the final pass failed.

03:16 Mazanec in home net makes two great saves, for the second time he is alone against 2 opponents.

02:28 Johnson (PLZ) gets a minor penalty for holding.

00:01 The second period has just started.
Period 1
20:00 The first period is over.

19:00 One minute left in the first period.

17:18 Great opportunity for Duda, but he didn´t lift up the puck and Juha Metsola was ready for his shot.

15:20 Tappara for the very first time in attacking zone, but Makkonen missed the net.

14:46 Icing for Pilsen.

13:50 The tempo now is not exciting, both team loose ability to cross the attacking blue line.

12:53 TOMAS FROLO (PLZ) gets a great pass from Hlinka and he scores to empty part of net.

09:59 Home players still in attacking zone but they don´t make up any dangerous situation.

07:47 Home team at full strength.

05:47 Dan Ruzicka (PLZ) gets a minor penalty for tripping.

02:05 Pilsen players are more active, Mazanec in home net could be bored.

First line
20. Sami Venäläinen
85. Jussi Makkonen
77. Antti Erkinjuntti
12. Tuukka Mäntylä
55. Kalle Kaijomaa

Second line
11. Miikka Männikkö
16. Joey Tenute
82. Kim Strömberg
9. Juha Leimu
26. Viktor Ekbom

Third line
17. Jacob Cepis
44. Jan-Mikael Järvinen
61. Jukka Peltola
73. Aleksi Elorinne
15. Jussi Halme

Fourth line
14. Nestori Lähde
71. Antti Kangasniemi
37. Tomi Pekkala
87. Jouni Virpiö

29. Juha Metsola
(34. Jani Nieminen)
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