First line
58. Filip Gunnarsson
25. Benoit Gratton
24. Jonathan Ferland
28. Dan Bjornlie
26. Ross Lupaschuk

Second line
6. Rafael Rotter
22. Marcel Rodman
17. Pat Kavanagh
18. Martin Oraze
4. Philippe Lakos

Third line
50. Mario Fischer
20. Peter Casparsson
47. Harald Ofner
7. Jon Insana
19. Youssef Riener

Fourth line
94. Taylor Holst
16. Daniel Nageler
21. Kevin McLeod
71. Patrick Fichtner
57. Wilhelm Lanz

38. Reinhard Divis
(27. Sebastian Stefaniszin)

Vienna Capitals - TPS
4 - 3

Period 4
00:42 Best players: 3 stars Benoit Gratton
2 stars Tomaz Plihal
1 star Jonathan Ferland

00:42 GOAL: Vienna Capitals won, the shot from Björnlie found the way into the net. Assist from Gratton.

00:00 Overtime started, Capitals with 4 on 3 powerplay
Period 3
20:00 End of this period. After 2 minutes without any action, Capitals set the finnish side under pressure. They deserved the equalliser. After that the put on the pressure, TPS regained control after some stupid fouls from the home side, but failed to score. In the last 2 minutes both sides had chances to decide the game, but the goaltenders were superb. It is going to overtime now.

19:35 Exciting last seconds in this period

19:35 Raboin Garrett 2 minutes for charging

18:46 Suominen on the break, but Divis saves brilliant. TPS at full strength

18:00 Lupaschuk with another rocket from the blue line, this time saved by Ahlqvist

16:46 Tomas Mojzis 2 minutes for interference, powerplay for Vienna Capitals

16:15 3 minutes 45 seconds left. At hte moment TPS is the more active team

15:25 With the help of the two powerplays TPS regained control of the game, they looking more dangerous now.

13:56 Capitals at full strength, Divis had some fine saves.

12:51 Tomas with a shot from the blue line, Divis saved

11:56 Ferland gets his forth penalty of the game, 2 minutes for slashing

11:31 Capitals at full strength

11:21 This time, TPS is doing much better. Nice passing and dangerous shots, Capitals in trouble.

09:31 Gunnarsson Filip, 2 minutes for hooking

08:38 The worst powerplay from TPS so far. Capitals even had a chance through Casparson on the break

08:38 Capitals at full strength

06:38 Holst Taylor gets 2 minutes for boarding

06:11 Vienna Capitals are level: Powerplaygoal after a pass from Gratton, Ross Lupaschuk fired home from the blue line.

05:17 Virtala Marko gets the first penalty in this period. 2 minutes for interference

04:48 Kavanagh on the break, again Ahlqvist saved

03:56 Ferland with a pass to Gunnarsson, but he missed, seconds later Ferland with a shot, but Ahlqvist saved.

03:20 Some nice checks but not a single shot on goal so far in this period

00:40 Tonights attendance 3800

00:04 The third period started and TPS is playing at full strength.
Period 2
20:00 End of an entertaining period. Good chances for both teams, some small fights, everthing icehockey is famous for. Capitals improved in this period and made life hard for the visitors. But still they lead by the narrowest margin possible. Shots on goal: 8-5

19:19 Powerfull powerplay by Vienna Capitals, a lot of shots, but none gone in. Now Rodman is injured, he was hit by a deflected shot.

18:19 Capitals at full strength

18:04 Plihal Tomas 2 minutes for tripping, a lot of penalties in this period...

17:16 TPS at full strength

16:50 Everything is ok now, game resumes

16:50 Short break, because there is something wrong with the boards, can't see what is wrong.

16:19 Another penalty against Ferland, 2 minutes for cross checking

15:16 Vittasmäki Veli-Matti 2 minutes for tripping, his third penalty in this game

15:00 Capitals at full strength

13:09 TPS at full strength

13:00 Ferland Jonathan gets 2 minutes for hooking

11:09 Seconds before Oraze tried to score with a strong shot, the fans allerady cheered, but the puck was in the outside of the net.

11:09 Cerny Jakub gets 2 minutes for kneeing

09:56 Capitals at full strength

08:48 TPS now for about a minute in powerplay

08:48 TPS at full strength

07:56 The game continues with 4 on 4 players

07:56 After a hard check, Benoit Gratton is running wild. This is penalized with 2 minutes for roughing.

07:22 And still Capitals are in powerplay!

07:22 Capitals are back in the game. Ferland Jonathan scores from close range, assisted by Gratton Benoit

06:48 This is now a big chance, 5 on 3 powerplay for more than one minute

06:48 Vittasmäki Veli-Matti gets 2 minutes for holding

06:35 Ristolainen Rasmus gets 2 minutes for tripping.

04:24 TPS mainly in defence, but if they are attacking they are looking very dangerous. This time Garrett was denied by Divis

03:59 First shot on goal for TPS from Plihal, Divis saved

03:10 Vienna Capitals are now trying to get back in to this game. TPS had no scoring chance in this period so far.

00:28 Only seconds later, Björnlie from the blue line, Ferland tries to deflect the shot, but Ahlqvist saves again.

00:19 Lupaschuk with a shot from the blue line, no problem for Ahlqvist

00:00 Face off, Capitals win it.

00:00 The players are back on the ice, in a few seconds the second period will start
Period 1
20:00 The first period is over. Capitals tried to attack from the beginning on, but TPS had a solid defence. On the other end, the guests scored with their very first chance and were the better side from that moment on. Shots on goal: 8-6

19:27 This time Ahhlqvist had no chance! After a fine pass from Gratton, Ferland scored.

18:59 This was a good chance for Ferland, but again his shot was saved.

18:59 Anttila Marko gets 2 minutes for slashing.

18:37 TPS at full strength. They defended well again.

17:05 TPS with four skaters

16:37 28 seconds 5 on3 for the capitals

16:37 Vittasmäki Veli-Matti gets 2 minutes for deleaying the game. He shots the puck over the boards.

15:53 Try out player Lupaschuk with a hard shot, Ahlqvist saves, no one there for the rebound

15:05 Anttila Marko gets 2 minutes for high sticking

14:24 Gratton with a shot, but Ahlqvist saves.

13:38 Time out Capitals

13:38 Third goal for TPS. Anttila curved through the Capitals defence, a fine pass to Plihal Tomas who had no problems to score from close range.

13:02 Björnlie Dan gets 2 minutes for slashing. Another powerplay for TPS

11:40 Capitals are in attack, but there are only few goal scoring opportunities, as TPS is defending very well at the moment.

08:32 The powerplay was only 8 seconds old, TPS scored. After passes from Seppänen Timo, Tuominen Joni shots and Stone Ryan scored from close range with a deflection of the shot. Divis had no chance.

08:24 Ferland gets 2 minutes for hooking. First powerplay for TPS

07:30 Garrett shots, after Oraze lost the puck to Plihal. This times Divis saved

06:00 With their second shot on goal TPS scored. Assisted by Raboin Garrett, it was scored by Birner Michal.

05:00 Capitals are the more active team in the first minutes, but TPS is defending well

03:42 TPS at full strength. Strong but to static powerplay, only one shot to the goal.

01:42 Ristolainen Rasmus gets 2 minutes for hooking, he stopped Rodman on his way to get a good chance

01:00 Capitals are attacking, but till nnow no clear scoring chance

00:00 Face off, Gratton versus Plihal, Gratton wins it

00:00 The referees entered the ice, we are waiting now for the teams.

00:00 Warm up ended, we have to wait 20 minutes to the face off.

00:00 Tonights referees are Ladislav Smetana and Robert Falkner, the linesmen are Florian Widmann and Andy Hütter

00:00 The visitors from Finland entered the ice for the warm-up. Vienna Capital players arriving on the ice right now. 40 minutes to face off

00:00 Good evening from Vienna! Tonight Vienna Capitals welcomes TPS Turku. The game will start in about 70 minutes.

First line
28. Ville Vahalahti
39. Tomas Plihal
12. Marko Anttila
25. Veli-Matti Vittasmäki
24. Joni Tuominen

Second line
16. Michal Birner
40. Ryan Stone
34. Tuomas Suominen
4. Tomas Mojzis
2. Garrett Raboin

Third line
61. Timo Salo
71. Tapio Laakso
18. Jakub Cerny
22. Timo Seppänen
55. Rasmus Ristolainen

Fourth line
27. Marko Virtala
15. Janne Hauhtonen
87. Jarkko Hattunen
26. Markus Palmroth
21. Rasmus Kulmala

31. Aleksis Ahlqvist
(35. Ville Runola)
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