First line
10. Robert Earl
18. Danny Bois
5. Thomas Raffl
44. Doug Lynch
51. Matthias Trattnig

Second line
41. Steve Regier
19. Ramzi Abid
15. Manuel Latusa
20. Daniel Welser
26. Brent Aubin

Third line
61. Chris Lawrence
72. David Labrecque
92. Daniel Erlich
91. Dominique Heinrich
37. Erik Reitz

Fourth line
12. Kevin Puschnik
13. Michael Schiechl
74. Johannes Bischofberger
6. Alexander Pallestrang
23. Markus Schlacher

39. Joshua Tordjman
(30. Thomas Höneckl)

EC Red Bull Salzburg - HC Mountfield
4 - 6

Period 3
20:00 game over!

18:47 2min penalty by #20 Daniel Welser for interference

18:23 RBS goali off !

18:14 goal HC Mountfield scored by #88 Milan Gulas

18:00 last two minutes!

17:48 and goal RBS scored by #18 Danny Bois assisted by #19 Ramzi Abid

17:32 RBS goali off ice

16:42 HC Mountfield only 10seconds at full strength and #8 Miroslav Dvorak gets another 2min penalty cross checking

15:29 The tough guys from RBS wants to score in PP, but as during the game, they could not finde a line.

14:32 2min penalty HC mOuntfield #8 Miroslav Dvorak for hooking

12:12 Head Ref Wolfgang Fussi hurts in the middle zone. Short intermission but after some breathless moments he is back on ice.

12:07 powerplay goal HC Mountfield scored by #88 Milan Gulas a no assist at the moment...

10:44 penalty RBS, 2min #6 Alexander Pallestrang for hooking

09:10 Chances by chances for RBS, HCM waiting for counter.

07:34 HC Mountfield at full strength

05:34 2min penalty Mountfield #38 Ales Kranjc for slashing

05:04 and a few seconds later goal HC Mountfield #10 Rostislav Martynek assist #11 Michal Mikeska, #18 Petr Sailer

04:35 Equilazor goal RBS !!! scored #44 Doug Lynch assisted by #5 Thomas Raffl and #91 Dominique Heinrich

02:26 RBS with pressure, but HCM defends the lead with all players on ice.

00:01 ready for the last periode. It starts at this moment.
Period 2
20:00 end of second period!

SOG: 9:13
PIM: 12:4

19:00 last minute in the second period

18:08 RBS playing now at full strength

18:00 Wauh! It's highly time for next goal. 4 shots in a row, but GK Kovar is extremly concentrated!

17:00 Daniel Welser with a big bang shot but GK Kovar saves great.

16:08 HC Mountfield 2min penalty #65 Rudolf Cerveny for high sticking

15:21 No significant hightlights in this game at the moment. Shots on goal on both sides, but no difficult for the goalies.

14:31 RBS playing now at strength

12:31 RBS 2min penalty #20 Daniel Welser for slashing

10:59 Mountfield now on full strength

08:59 2min penalty HC Mountfield #24 David Kuchejda for interference

07:00 RBS tries to come into attack zone, but HCM plays perfect in the middle zone. All efforts ends at the blue line.

04:31 RBS 10 min penalty #19 Ramzi Abid for misconduct

03:56 goal HC Mountfield scored by #29 Pavel Kasparik assisted #55 Roman Vrablik

02:12 Traffic before RBS goalie! But no way to score for HCM!

01:00 1st shot from HCM but Josh Tordjman can clear easily.

00:00 puck is droped again.
Period 1
20:00 end of first period!

stats 1st period:
SOG: 12:11
PIM: 0:4

19:43 RBS young players tries to tank through the elder HCM players, but all shots go wild

19:00 last minute in the first period

18:45 PP from RBS must get more efficient.

17:54 HC Mountfield 2min penalty #84 Jakub Langhammer for interference

16:26 Some seconds later! Goal for RBS! scored by #51 Matthias Trattnig, assisted #19 Ramzi Abid.

15:39 next goal HC Mountfield scored by #29 Pavel Kasparik assisted by #22 Jiri Simanek and #10 Rostislav Martynek

14:00 During the PP #86 from HCM hurt. A stick got stuck in the board. A bad thing! Hope for the player, that he could come back into the game.

12:18 Mountfield now on full strength

11:50 HCM with perfect penalty killing. RBS finds no reciept to line up.

10:18 2min penalty HC Mountfield #85 Peter Mikus for interference

08:26 HCM with speed and very short way into RBS attack zone. RBS can clear all efforts so less SOG ar possible.

04:26 Equilazor! goal scored by #41 Steven Regier assisted by #26 Brent Aubin and #19 Ramzi Abid

03:13 RBS semms not to be shocked about the early goal, they try to line up in the attack one and finds chances to score.

01:08 first goal Mountfield scored by #47 Martin Podlesak assisted by #88 Milan Gulas

00:00 and the game starts now!

00:00 End of warm up.
Starting 6 RBS:
Josh Tordjman GK
Daniel Welser D
Brent Aubin D
Steven Regier F
Ramzi Abid F
Manuel Latusa F

HC Mountfield:
Jakub Kovar GK
Ales Krnjc D
Frantisek Ptacek D
Rostislav Martynek F
Pavel Kasparik F
Jiri Simanek F

00:00 Hi from Salzburg to the last game in this qualification round. Line ups are ready. See you...

First line
10. Rostislav Martynek
29. Pavel Kasparik
22. Jiri Simanek
38. Ales Kranjc
2. Frantisek Ptacek

Second line
47. Martin Podlesak
84. Jakub Langhammer
88. Milan Gulas
81. René Vydareny
55. Roman Vrablik

Third line
18. Petr Sailer
11. Michal Mikeska
65. Rudolf Cerveny
85. Peter Mikus
8. Miroslav Dvorak

Fourth line
19. Roman Psurny
86. Tomas Mertl
24. David Kuchejda
3. Radek Seidl
17. Jan Novak

21. Jakub Kovar
(30. Pavel Kantor)
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