First line
15. Markus Hännikäinen
81. Ilari Filppula
42. Ben Eaves
21. Teemu Eronen
40. Markus Nordlund

Second line
71. William Wallén
44. Antti Kerälä
6. Teemu Pulkkinen
10. John Klingberg
4. Ossi Väänänen

Third line
86. Teuvo Teräväinen
32. Riku Hahl
28. Jani Rita
2. Jeremy Dehner
7. Antti-Jussi Niemi

Fourth line
14. Tomi Mäki
55. Henri Heino
22. Juhani Tyrväinen
51. Niko Tuhkanen
58. Nico Manelius

29. Zoltán Hetényi
(37. Eero Kilpeläinen)

Jokerit - Frölunda Indians
7 - 3

Period 3
20:00 Stars tonight: ***Filppula, **Hahl, *Eaves.

20:00 Game is over. Jokerit win 7-3.

19:24 Persson leaves the ice after a bad hit on Teräväinen. 5 minute penalty for boarding and a game misconduct.

19:05 Andersen makes a nice oad save on Dehner.

19:00 Last minute of the game.

18:14 Tuhkanen scores a beautiful solo goal. He takes the puck in the offensive zone, circles the net and shoots blocker side. Assisted by Filppula and Eaves.

17:44 Icing Jokerit.

17:23 Jokerit at full strength.

16:26 Eronen and Rita have a 2 on 1 attack but Andersen saves the shot from Rita.

15:23 Penalty for Väänänen, 2 minutes for cross checking.

13:51 Filppula loses the puck in own blue line. Hetenyi makes the save on Sundström who was clean through.

13:06 Rita shoots but Andersen makes a blocker save.

12:39 Umicevic shoots from a passa by Lasu but Hetenyi saves.

11:43 Frölunda full strength.

10:38 Nordlund shoots from the wrist from the blue line but Andersen makes an easy save.

10:10 Tyrväinen on the ice, Jokerit powerplay for 1,5 minutes.

09:43 Tömmernes hits Rita's stick off the forward's hands and gets 2 minutes for interference.

09:04 Hetenyi makes a great glove save and Jokerit has four players on the ice.

08:41 Eriksson shoots wide.

08:21 Hahl clears.

08:10 A linesman calls a penalty for Tyrväinen who hit Johnsson in the offensive zone. The refs made no call. 2 minutes for roughing and Frölunda has a 5 on 3 PP.

07:43 Close range chance from Umicevic is saved by Hetenyi.

07:03 Penalty for Dehner, 2 minutes for holding.

06:15 No goal chances in the third yet. The pace has come down a bit.

04:55 Sloppy play from Jokerit first line but Frölunda go offside.

04:14 Hetenyi makes a pad save on a shot by Tömmernes from the blue line.

03:48 Frölunda full strength.

02:42 Jokerit fourth line now on the ice for the PP but they can't get to the zone.

02:07 Frölunda clear again.

01:19 Nothing has happened yet on the PP. Frölunda has cleared every attempt and now Hetenyi makes a save on a shot by Sundström.

00:01 Jokerit win the faceoff and continue the PP.

00:00 Third period getting ready to start. Can Frölunda come back?
Period 2
20:00 Shots in the second period: 13-10. Seven minutes left of the intermission.

20:00 Time for a break. Seven goals in the second period, wow. Frölunda was playing well but the shorthanded goal by Hahl really changed this game. Bad defending from the visitors but also some clinical finishing by the home team.

19:29 Eaves scores to make it 6-3. A shot from Filppula is saved by Andersen but Eaves is there for the rebound. Assisted by Filppula and Hahl.

18:48 Game misconduct penalty for Hellberg. Andersen comes in the net and Jokerit have a 5 minute powerplay. Served by Bohm.

18:48 Rita scores! Terrible defending at the moment from Frölunda and Rita is through. Assisted by Heino and Hahl. Hellberg fires the puck to the stands afterwards and gets a game misconduct penalty.

17:45 Pulkkinen is alone with Hellberg but the Swede makes the save.

17:01 Wallén scores an unbelievable goal! A fantastic shot to the top corner from backhand. Assisted by Filppula and Dehner. The angle was really small to make that shot.

16:04 Hahl scores shorthanded! Lazy play by Frölunda and Nordlund plays Hahl alone with the goalie. Nice deke and in off the cross bar.

15:08 Olimb's line moves the puck nicely but don't shoot.

14:05 Penalty for Tuhkanen, 2 minutes for slashing as Umicevic was through. Refs could have given a penalty shot as well. Clear scoring chance.

12:33 Frölunda score. A shot from the blue line by Eriksson is tipped in by Persson. Assist also to Koivisto.

11:21 Attendance today: 1284.

11:21 Hetenyi covers the puck and both teams change lines.

10:52 Penalty for Tyrväinen, 2 minutes for tripping in the neutral zone.

10:05 Jokerit fourth line clear the pressure: Tyrväinen and Heino have a 2 on 1 attack but Tyrväinen blasts the puck over the net and outside the rink.

09:10 Icing Jokerit. A few good shifts now from Frölunda who are in control.

07:42 Defender Tömmernes was forgotten by Jokerit defencemen and gets in alone with Hetenyi who disrupts the play with his stick.

06:15 Kerälä's line creates pressure but they can't get to the net.

05:24 Jokerit reply, what a shot from Filppula! Assisted by Eaves and Hännikäinen. Filppula just rips a one timer from the point. In off the cross bar.

04:23 Frölunda take the lead. Scored by Tolsa. Hetenyi makes the initial save and the puck hits the post. Then Hetenyi sweeps the puck with his glove hand to the net. Bad luck for the Hungarian.

03:44 Frölunda full strength. Filppula's line created a few chances but Kerälä's line didn't get anything done.

02:49 Nordlund has chances and shoots twice and Eronen once. Hellberg saves.

01:44 Frölunda team penalty, 2 minutes for too many men on the ice. Served by Umicevic.

01:25 Pulkkinen and Wallén try to score a pretty goal but neither of them will shoot.

01:01 Hetenyi saves a shot from Olimb.

00:08 Frölunda win the first faceoff and are full strength.

00:00 Ready to start the second period.

00:00 Shots in the first period 11-11.
Period 1
20:00 The atmosphere wasn't nearly as loud compared to last night's game in the first period. Is it too early for hockey on a Sunday?

20:00 Time for a break. Both teams had chances in the first period and could have scored more goals. Sure both coaches want their teams to defend better in the second and third period.

19:02 Great chance for Klingberg but shoots wide.

18:08 Persson to the penalty box again, 2 minutes for slashing.

16:42 Olimb clean through and alone with Hetenyi who saves with his pads. Olimb's line has been Frölunda's best so far.

15:26 Great pad save from Hellberg on Rita who was all alone in front of goal.

14:52 Dangerous situation almost in front of Frölunda goal but Von Gunten clears.

13:25 Hetenyi saves with his mask as Koivisto shoots.

12:45 Hetenyi covers the puck. The game has picked up the pace now. Good hockey.

12:01 A. Axelsson has a great chance on a 2 on 1 attack but shoots wide.

11:07 Eaves steals the puck from Hellberg behind the goal but there are no team mates in front of goal.

10:17 Good shift from Jokerit fourth line but Hellberg makes two saves on Mäki.

09:20 Pressure from Frölunda's first line after Teräväinen fails to clear.

08:33 PJ Axelsson shoots but Hetenyi saves with his pads.

08:19 Hetenyi covers the puck, faceoff in Jokerit zone.

07:07 Umicevic scores. A good pass from Tömmernes to Umicevic who slips thourgh between the defenders. Hetenyi got a touch but coulnd't keep the puck out.

06:31 Pressure from Olimb's line. Hetenyi makes two good saves on Koivisto.

06:06 Icing Frölunda.

05:02 Pulkkinen scores 1-0. Klingberg shoots wide from the blue line but Pulkkinen converts from the puck that bounced to the front of the net. 2nd assist to Kerälä.

04:22 Penalty for Persson, 2 minutes for interference. Jokerit on the PP.

03:28 Jokerit offside. Nothing pretty yet in this game. Both teams struggling with their passing game.

02:55 Hellberg covers the puck after some good pressure from Jokerit fourth line.

00:35 Hellberg stops the first shot from Filppula. No threat there, small angle.

00:01 Here we go, Jokerit win the first faceoff.

00:00 Teams back on the ice and we are ready to start this game.

00:00 Special game for John Klingberg, William Wallén and Riku Hahl who face their former team today. And of course for AJ Niemi as well who won the Elitserien championship with Frölunda back in 2005.

00:00 Warm up over, 17 minutes and the game will start.

00:00 In goal for Jokerit today, 23 year-old Hungarian goalie Zoltan Hetenyi who is playing his first game for the team. Frölunda's goalie is 20 year-old Magnus Hellberg who is yet to make his debut in Elitserien.

00:00 Teams are warming up on the ice. Jokerit lost to Djurgården 1-4 yesterday and Frölunda to TPS 2-3.

00:00 Good day everyone. It's noon in Finland and in an hour we will start a game between Jokerit and Frölunda here in Tikkurila.

First line
17. Jari Tolsa
20. Joel Lundqvist
9. Magnus Kahnberg
7. Henrik Tömmernes
4. Viktor Svedberg

Second line
37. Mika Pyörälä
41. Mathis Olimb
22. Toni Koivisto
2. Pierre Johnsson
33. Patrick von Gunten

Third line
31. Nicklas Lasu
72. Robin Lindqvist
84. Dragan Umicevic
8. Fredrik Eriksson
46. Christoffer Persson

Fourth line
16. Anton Axelsson
11. Per-Johan Axelsson
12. Johan Sundström
28. Oliver Bohm
21. Mikael Johansson

45. Magnus Hellberg
(30. Frederik Andersen)
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