First line
11. Simon Hjalmarsson
29. Chris Abbott
90. Johan Harju
3. Topi Jaakola
33. Elias Fälth

Second line
40. Sami Sandell
9. Sebastian Enterfeldt
15. Mattias Persson
7. Jan Sandström
10. Johan Fransson

Third line
21. Toni Koivisto
38. Ville Viitaluoma
20. Joonas Vihko
5. Lukas Kilström
39. Robin Jonsson

Fourth line
19. Kim Karlsson
23. Jonas Berglund
13. Sebastian Meijer
6. Daniel Gunnarsson
17. Konstantin Komarek

1. David Rautio
(37. Johan Gustafsson)

Luleå HF - Linköpings HC
3 - 2

Period 4
04:58 Lulea are third in this seasons European Trophy. After they struggled in the first period, they came back in style, pushing forward for the equalizing goal in the third period. At the end the winning goal was a little bit of luck. Anyway it was an interesting and entertaining game between the two swedish sides.

04:58 2 seconds before the final siren Jan Sandström's shoot went over the line.

02:33 Open and speedy game with chances on both sides now.

00:00 Overtime started
Period 3
20:00 End of the third period, overtime is necessary. Shots on goal 11-12

19:00 Another overtime in Vienna? One minute left to decide this game

16:06 After several minutes of pressure from Lulea it is an open game now, both sides are looking for the probably winning goal.

11:59 No discussion now, with a shot from the blue line John Fransson scored the equalizing goal

11:55 No, they didn't, face off in Luleas attacking zone

11:55 Video Goal Judge is needed, did Lulea score ?

10:26 Commercial break, the last minutes Lulea set their opponents under pressure, Engstrand were forced to his best goalkeeping

07:54 Linköpings at full strength, good powerplay from Lulea, Engstrand had some shots to save, he did well

05:54 Another penalty against Linköpings, Dahlbeck 2 minutes for cross checking

05:20 Linköpings at full strength

04:09 Nice move from Lulea, but the center missed the puck

03:20 Penalty against Linköpings, Ottosson 2 minutes for boarding

00:45 Lulea at full strength

00:00 Face off to the third period
Period 2
20:00 End of the second period, inthe last second Linköpings hit the post. Shots on goal 9-14. Linköpings started dominant, but Lulea became better during this period.

18:45 Bench minor penalty against Lulea for too many players, this penalty is served by Sandell

18:11 Open game now, with chances on both sides

16:38 Lulea at full strength

16:16 Rautio is very busy again, Linköppings with a good powerplay

14:38 Penalty against Lulea, Fälth 2 minutes for tripping

13:00 The game becomes more physical now, Lulea is fights to come back into this game.

10:00 90 seconds comercial break, Linköpings had a good chance, Lindhagen with a pass in the center, Laumnann's shot was saved

09:14 Goal for Lulea: Scored by Hjalmarsson, assited by Sandström and Sandell

07:47 Penalty against Linköpings, Holmqvist 2 minutes for hooking

06:29 Lulea at full strength. They defended well, Linköpings had only one chance during this powerplay

04:29 More trouble for Lulea, 2 minutes for tripping against Karlsson

03:08 Linköpings stil dominant, their reward the second goal, scored by Dahlbeck, assisted by Ottosson and Laumann Ylven

00:00 Second period starts
Period 1
20:00 End of the first period Shots on goal 7-13. Linköpings dominated this first period, Lulea is just one goal behind thanks to good goalkeeping from Rautio

19:07 The reward for active playing: After a pass from Albrandt, Jan Hlavac scores for Linköpings

17:30 High speed game, Linköpings still the better side

14:57 Linköpings at full strength

14:00 Very good penalty killing by Linköpings

12:56 Penalty against Linköpings, Holmqvist 2 minutes for holding

11:58 Linköpings at full strength

10:40 Good shoot from Fälth

09:58 First penalty of the game. Lorentzon 2 minutes for checking to the head plus 10 minutes misconduct

08:23 Rautio is stil very busy, good saves after shots from Albrandt and Johansson

06:00 Next big save from Rautio, he denied Perrson to score

05:10 Linköpings HC are dominaiting the first minutes

02:30 Good chance for Hlavac, but the keeper from Lulea did well

00:24 Face off is Linköpings, who also had their first chance

00:00 The teams are entering the ice, we are only few minuets away from face off

00:00 Warm up is over, the Zamboni efreshes the ice, while a beat boxer Fii is entertaining the spectators.

00:00 The teams are on the ice for warm up. The referees of this game are Thomas Bernecker and Florian Zehentleitner, assisted by Andreas Siegl and Martin Smeibidlo

00:00 Good Afternoon from Vienna. In some 50 minutes the 3rd place game between Lulea Hockey and Linköpings HC will start. The ice is ready for the warm up of the teams.

First line
27. Jan Hlavac
13. Mark Hartigan
40. Pär Arlbrandt
11. Robin Persson
7. Magnus Johansson

Second line
71. Jaroslav Hlinka
29. Erik Lindhagen
22. Robin Figren
6. Klas Dahlbeck
4. Johan Åkerman

Third line
18. Pontus Petterström
21. Joachim Nermark
51. Mikael Håkanson
8. Albin Lorentzon
25. Linus Hultström

Fourth line
35. Martin Laumann Ylven
20. Michael Holmqvist
14. Sebastian Ottosson
3. Erik Andersson
19. Kalle Olsson

31. Christian Engstrand
(30. Fredrik Norrena)