First line
81. Jukka Peltola
85. Jussi Makkonen
20. Sami Venäläinen
12. Tuukka Mäntylä
55. Kalle Kaijomaa

Second line
77. Antti Erkinjuntti
71. Antti Kangasniemi
82. Kim Strömberg
26. Viktor Ekbom
9. Juha Leimu

Third line
17. Jacob Cepis
57. Aleksander Barkov
37. Tomi Pekkala
15. Jussi Halme
13. Aleksi Elorinne

Fourth line
87. Jouni Virpiö
44. Jan-Mikael Järvinen
14. Nestori Lähde
33. Joni Karjalainen

34. Jani Nieminen
(29. Juha Metsola)

Tappara - HIFK
2 - 3

Period 3
20:00 Both teams had 8 shots on goal in the last period.

20:00 3 stars to Mikael Granlund, 2 stars to Jani Nieminen, and 1 star to Sami Venäläinen.

20:00 That's it, 60 minutes. Tappara loses again. After a good 1st period, and a five-goal 2nd period, the 3rd was a bit of a let-down. A close and tight game, but IFK won it with their greater routine level.

18:54 1608 spectators today in Kotka. Tappara pulls their goalie out for sixth skater.

18:54 Tappara can't get past the neutral zone, and IFK doesn't even try to do so. Timeout by Tappara.

16:17 Tappara is pushing on, IFK defending.

14:45 Jussi Makkonen with a good shot,saved by Lundell.

13:00 Teams are full strength.

12:42 IFK with four skaters. A few seconds left with the other penalty.

11:00 IFK Mikko Jokela 2 min for roughing. 1:42 with a two-man advantage for Tappara.

10:42 IFK Mikko Kurvinen 2 min for high-sticking.

09:31 Teams are full strength.

09:12 Somervuori with a good re-direction off the air. The puck is behind Nieminen, but Tappara defensemen are there to clear it out in time.

07:31 Tallberg had a chance in front of the net, but Nieminen makes the save. The result is Tappara penalty, 2 min to Viktor Ekbom for cross-checking.

05:37 A long, strong phase from IFK. Tappara having troubles getting the puck for themselves or even out of the zone.

03:06 Period going fast. Teams aren't taking any risks at the moment.

00:01 The 3rd period has started.
Period 2
20:00 Shots-on-goal in the 2nd period. Tappara 16, IFK 7.

20:00 The period ends with both teams full strength again.

19:24 On Tappara powerplay Antti Erkinjuntti makes a bad pass, IFK gets a 2-on-1. Ville Peltonen passes, MIKAEL GRANLUND scores with one of his signature moves.

17:38 HIFK Hirschovits 2 min for interference.

17:12 JUSSI MAKKONEN ties then game on powerplay just as IFK gets their fourth player on the ice. Assists by Venäläinen and Tuukka Mäntylä.

16:05 HIFK Toni Söderholm 2 min for holding. 1:03 of 5-on-3 PP for Tappara.

15:08 An ugly cross-check by HIFK Tallberg straight to Nestori Lähde's face. Only 2 minutes for Tallberg in the box though.

12:58 The puck goes in Tappara net, and the referee first disallows it, but after a conversation with the goal judge the goal stands after all. TURO JÄRVINEN gets the goal, Mikko Kousa and Petteri Wirtanen the assists.

09:04 Teams are already on full strength. Some shots for Tappara but nothing super special.

06:56 HIFK 2 min for two many players on the ice. Eero Somervuori goes to sit it. 28 seconds on two-man advantage for Tappara.

06:49 Tuukka Mäntylä with a good slapshot chance, but he blasted wide.

05:24 HIFK Ville Peltonen 2 min for boarding. It looked quite bad but everything's okay with the Tappara player, too.

04:56 Tappara ties the game! The goal was scored by SAMI VENÄLÄINEN, assists to Jukka Peltola and Jussi Makkonen.

03:13 IFK with a 3-on-1 rush. Mikael Granlund passes, and with some luck the puck glides slowly over the red line. The last one touching the puck was TEEMU TALLBERG who gets the goal. Assists to Micke Granlund and Mikko Jokela.

01:55 Strömberg had a good chance just as IFK's penalty ended. Lundell saved it, and now both teams continue with full strength.

00:01 The 2nd period has started. Tappara playing on powerplay for the next 1:51. Unless, of course, they can score on PP or get a penalty themselves.
Period 1
20:00 Both goalies had 11 saves in the first period.

20:00 No goals, but lots of chances for both teams. An entertaining period.

19:58 Still a chance for Tappara after a face-off win. Lundell keeps his net clean.

19:51 Young Sasha Barkov intercepts a pass, makes a great play to Jake Cepis who dekes the goalie...but Kim Hirschovits hooks him before he is able to score.

18:18 Teemu Tallberg gets a breakaway after a clearing pass from IFK's zone, but Nieminen makes a great leg save.

18:09 Icing by IFK. The period draws near the end scoreless.

16:49 Another "double chance". First Nieminen stops Järvinen, then Lundell stops Cepis.

16:04 Somervuori's shot goes past the net in Tappara's end, and twenty seconds later Lundell stops the puck when Aleksi Elorinne throws it towards the net from the blueline.

13:37 IFK's promising-looking 3-on-2 rush is offside.

12:28 The game going back and forth with good speed. Enjoyable hockey.

10:41 Teams are full strength.

10:01 Eero Somervuori with a close range one-timer but Nieminen makes the save.

09:22 Toni Söderholm had a chance on powerplay but the puck was bouncing.

08:41 Tappara Kalle Kaijomaa 2 min for hooking.

07:54 Tappara's third line with a couple of shots. Lots of chances in the game so far.

07:26 Ahtola with a nice re-directing effort on Kankaanperä's shot, but the pucks goes over the glass.

05:02 Then it's Nieminen's turn in the other end to make a huge save on Turo Järvinen's shot.

04:45 Lundell also saves Cepis' try.

04:20 Erkinjuntti and Kangasniemi with a good attack, but Lundell again.

03:38 Good effort by Sami Venäläinen, but Lundell kicks the puck away.

03:23 Mikael Granlund with a slapshot. Nieminen gloves it for his first save of the game.

01:44 Icing by IFK. 16-year-old Sasha Barkov takes his first face-off.

01:09 Kim Strömberg gets the first shot of the game. Lundell makes the save.

00:01 The firtst face-off of the game. Makkonen wins it for Tappara.

00:00 The referees tonight are Jani Luoma-aho and Teemu Salminen, and the linesmen Tdeemu Rikonen and Jani Pesonen. The game is about to start.

00:00 1:15 before the game starts. The line-ups for both teams are here.

First line
16. Ville Peltonen
64. Mikael Granlund
38. Teemu Tallberg
26. Toni Söderholm
3. Mikko Jokela

Second line
21. Jerry Ahtola
13. Petteri Wirtanen
19. Turo Järvinen
12. Markus Kankaanperä
8. Mikko Kousa

Third line
11. Markus Granlund
44. Kim Hirschovits
33. Eero Somervuori
15. Mikko Kurvinen
41. Ilari Melart

Fourth line
18. Robert Nyholm
72. Siim Liivik
71. Eetu Pöysti
47. Juuso Salmi
67. Kristian Tuohilampi

60. Jan Lundell
(34. Juuso Riksman)
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