First line
4. Marcus Nilson
9. Kristofer Ottosson
17. Mathias Tjärnqvist
49. Kyle Klubertanz
55. David Printz

Second line
29. Patrick Cehlin
37. John Norman
15. Mattias Carlsson
7. Andreas Holmqvist
78. Josef Boumedienne

Third line
64. Daniel Brodin
18. Jonas Almtorp
19. Jimmie Ölvestad
21. Stefan Lassen
36. Philip Holm

Fourth line
70. Mario Kempe
20. Christian Eklund
26. Tim Eriksson
44. Stefan Söder
28. Kim Lennhammer

1. Tim Sandberg
(41. Gustaf Wesslau)

Djurgårdens IF - EC Red Bull Salzburg
4 - 2

Period 3
20:00 Games ended, Djurgården win the third straight ET game.

19:20 Tjärnqvist hits the post of the empty net goal from the other side of the rink.

18:25 #29 Cehlin goes out 2 minutes for tripping and Salzburg pulls the keeper and plays 6on4.

17:40 Salzburg clears the puck to icing.

14:38 #7 Holmqvist fires a rocket from the blue line in the net, assisted by Cehlin and Boumedienne.

14:20 #51 Tratting gets a minor for interference.

13:20 #37 Norman with a backhand, but a good save by Höneckl

11:03 Salzburg now playing with full strength.

09:03 #86 Williams gets a 2 minute penalty, high sticking.

07:40 Heavy forechecking from Djurgården

06:15 Both teams full strength.

05:13 Icing by Djurgården and face off in Djurgårdens defensive zone.

05:04 Salzburg has started the third period best, and are hunting a goal equalizer.

04:34 4on4 djurgården clears the puck to icing.

04:12 Right after the face off, #61 Lawrence receives a 2 minutes penalty for interference.

04:07 #19 Ölvestad goes to the bench 2 minutes for holding.

03:28 Good defense from Salzburg that blocks an opportunity for Norman.

02:32 Djurgården manage the first box play in the period and the score still remains 3-2 when Printz returns to the ice.

01:19 #75 Earl gets a nice wrist shot but saved by Sandberg.

00:32 #55 Printz gets 2minutes hooking.

00:00 Third period has started, and Djurgården wins the first face off.

00:00 Players are entering the ice, and the third period is on the way.

00:00 Shots 6-9 in the second period.
Period 2
20:00 The second period has ended. A good game with intensity and a lot of passion between two strong teams, and any team can win this in the third period.

19:53 Salzburg with good pressure in the offensive zone, but a wrong pass leads to a two on one and Philip Holm scores off the crossbar. Assist to 29 Cehlin.

19:00 One minute left of the second period.

18:28 #86 Williams gets a decent shot from in the slot, saved by Sandberg.

17:28 #17 Tjärnqvist fires in the post soon after Klubertanz #49 fires wide.

16:05 #20 Welser gets a 2 minutes penalty for interference.

14:06 Kyle Klubertanz blocks a shot with his cheek

12:06 Djurgården is now playing with full strength.

12:06 Djurgården has a solid box play, and Red Bull Salzburg cant get any great shot on goals.

10:06 Good penalty killing by Djurgården. But another penalty right away, this time to #36 Holm hooks Williams who got a good chance.

07:59 #20 Eklund goes to the bench 2 minutes for tripping.

07:48 Icing by Djurgården, and the game still remains open either team can win.

05:28 Incredible goal by #37 Norman, Soviet style passing from #29 Cehlin and #15 Carlsson.

03:32 After a good pressure from Red Bull Salzburg in the power play #26 Brent Aubin scores with a slap shot. 1-2, assisted by #92 Erlich and #51 Trattnig.

03:02 Holmqvist blocks the shot from Earl that has a great opportunity.

01:46 First penalty in the second period goes to Djurgårdens #49 Klubertanz, 2minutes for tripping.

01:16 Red Bull plays with full strength, no dangerous chances for Djurgården.

00:00 Second period has started. 5on3 for Djurgården.

00:00 Period starts in 4 minutes.

00:00 We now got the correct formations for Red Bull Salzburg.

Shots on goal for the first period where 7-12.

00:00 Still one player missing from the lineup, will be corrected during the start of the second period.
Period 1
20:00 Red Bull will start with a box play, 3on5, for the first 1:16minutes in the second period. We will now fix their correct formation.

20:00 Red Bull Salzburg hangs on to 1-1 in the last 45 seconds.

19:15 Djurgården gets a 5on3 after Dominique Heinrich and Kevin Puschnik both receives a minor for slashing and roughing.

18:11 Mattias Carlsson fires low, and the puck hits the post and goes in. He is assited by Christian Eklund.

17:28 Thomas Raffl scores the first goal in the game on a rebound. Assist goes to #75 Robert Earl

15:50 Even game, where no team have dominated the game.

12:47 Red Bull Salzburg now playing with full strength. Good pressure but no shots on goal for Djurgården..

10:46 Reitz receives a minor for slashing.

10:39 Great penalty killing by Djurgården, Salzburg cant establish any offense.

09:42 First powerplay for Red Bull Salzburg in the game, that have problems establishing any pressure in offensive zone.

08:42 High sticking Jimmie Ölvestad, 2min.

07:56 In a counter attack Mattias Carlsson gives Djurgården a pretty good chance to score. But Höneckl manage that situation.

06:41 Breakaway number 19 Ramzi Abid, saved by Sandberg

05:53 Both players receives 5+20minutes. (Roughing)

05:53 Fighting on the ice breaks out between Mario Kempe and Danny Bois.

05:19 Eriksson fires a puck high but Höneckl saves.

03:30 Salzburg clears the puck to icing.

03:30 Holmqvist manage to clear the puck, but Nilson and Tjärnqvist is unable to take advantage of the attack.

02:09 Offside by Red Bull Salzburg

01:30 Red Bull Salzburg manage to counter and gets a face off in Djurgårdens defensive zone.

01:16 Face off won in offensive zone by Djurgården, that establish a good pressure.

00:59 Cehlins fires a shot on goal, easy saved by Höneckl.

00:00 The game has begun and Salzburg won the first face off.

00:00 People are rising in the arena and the Austria national anthem is playing followed by the Swedish.

00:00 Starting goalies are Höneckl and Sandberg.

00:00 The players are coming on to the ice and the game will start soon.

00:00 This will be a special game for Hardy Nilsson, head coach in Djurgården, he coached Salzburg to a championship in 2007.

00:00 Tonights game will be broadcasted on Swedish TV10.

00:00 The Line up given by Salzburg is incomplete and does not have the exact formations. It will be updated during next intermission, with correct lines.

00:00 Welcome to the game between Red Bull Salzburg and Djurgården, it starts in 15minutes.

First line
41. Steve Regier
75. Robert Earl
18. Danny Bois
20. Daniel Welser
44. Doug Lynch

Second line
86. Jeremy Williams
19. Ramzi Abid
15. Manuel Latusa
51. Matthias Trattnig
26. Brent Aubin

Third line
92. Daniel Erlich
72. David Labrecque
5. Thomas Raffl
37. Erik Reitz
91. Dominique Heinrich

Fourth line
12. Kevin Puschnik
61. Chris Lawrence
13. Michael Schiechl
23. Markus Schlacher
70. Markus Pöck

30. Thomas Höneckl
(39. Joshua Tordjman)
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